7 Reasons Why It’s Important for Women to Walk in Boldness

Article submitted by guest blogger Nykee Parker

Nykee Parker is a blogger, motivational influencer, songwriter, and an author. She believes her calling in life is to create, inspire, and empower by using words, lyrics, music, and fashion to encourage people to boldly pursue their passions, and live out their life’s purpose.

Nykee’s passion for helping others walk in their boldness and confidence was birthed from her own struggles with insecurities about herself. Through prayer and support of friends and family, she was able to truly see her self-worth. With that in mind, lack of confidence is what keeps people from tapping into their boldness, and from being aligned with their purpose and authenticity. It is for that reason, Nykee desires every person be true to who they are, unapologetically, and not be what’s expected by someone else’s standards.

She is the business owner of Blk Anjel Music, a production company. She also has a website called Bold Becoming, which features weekly blogs that give tips on how to live boldly in various aspects of a person’s life.

There is something about boldness and fearlessness and being free enough to speak what is on one’s mind that warrants freedom. – Cornel West

Being bold means many things to different people.

    • It is walking in confidence with all of who you are in spite of what others think.
    • It means that you can say what you feel regardless of the response from others.
    • It means speaking up when you feel that something is wrong.
    • It means taking up for someone when you see them being treated unfairly.
    • It means being vulnerable.
    • It means being able to walk into a room full of strangers to network, even if you are nervous on the inside.

To sum it up, boldness is a combination of confidence, bravery, and adventure.

For women, it is imperative that we walk in boldness because we are the minority. We are not the minority in numbers, but we tend to be the minority in positions of power and prestige. Oftentimes, we are looked upon as being too emotional, over dramatic, and not as capable of being leaders or owning businesses. In most industries, men are the powerful ones and women fight to be recognized for their value and contributions to the success of whatever they do.

For some women, being bold may come naturally. For instance, they may not have problems speaking their mind or standing their ground, and they rarely find themselves intimidated. On the other hand, for many women, it is a struggle to be bold. For example, some women go through their lives not breaking free of that shy and fearful place of being unheard and unseen.

Here are seven reasons why it is important for women to walk in boldness:

    • Without boldness, you will never go after your passion. Everyone has been given talents and dreams. In the beginning, the desire to pursue your dreams are strong, but there are always obstacles to overcome and challenges to push through. Therefore, if you lack boldness, you lack confidence; and without confidence, you won’t believe in yourself enough to fight for your dreams. Further, you will not have enough strength to ignore the voice inside your heard telling you that you can’t.
    • Boldness is contagious. Do you ever notice how people respond to someone who exudes confidence? There is an air of admiration and respect. They feel drawn to that person, and are encouraged to be a little braver themselves.
    • Without boldness, you’re more likely to let others dictate who you are. If you don’t stand firm on something, you will fall for anything. Your confidence in who you are gives you value. Your boldness to stand up for yourself keeps you from allowing other people’s opinions to shape who you are. It takes guts to stand on a foundation of belief when you are standing alone, and the characteristic of being bold allows you to do that.
    • Boldness boosts your sense of self-worth. You feel better when you allow yourself to boldly and authentically be who you are. In other words, you no longer need validation or permission to be who you are, which makes you feel more worthy; understanding, you are free to dress as you please, and confidently make decisions. In doing so, you will feel great about the skin you’re in.
    • Without boldness you become complacent. This goes back to being afraid to pursue your passion. Boldness is the result of the spark inside of you that has become like a roaring flame. If the spark never ignites, you will not feel enough of a push to move. Rather, you’ll feel like you are missing something, but you won’t be pressed to figure it out; and therefore, you will just stay still.
    • You won’t be successful in life without it. What is success really? It depends on the person, but the general consensus is it means accomplishing your goals, whatever they are. Moreover, being successful requires confidence, clarity, consistency, and boldness. In fact, bold people are clear about the direction they choose. Plus, they are aware of where they fall short, yet they don’t allow it to stop them. Continuing, they speak up; not in an intimidating way, but in a way that carries weight and resonates with others. The truth is bold people go after what they want, and do not stop until they get it.
    • If you aren’t led by boldness, you will be led by fear. We are all led and motivated by something, either fear or boldness. That’s why being bold requires conscious decision making and being proactive. With that in mind, when you are led by fear, you are living life by default. So, you make decisions from a reaction to your circumstances, instead of anticipating them and being prepared. This is a very rocky and limited way to live. It is for this reason, you must take charge of your life.

It’s not easy choosing to walk in boldness, but here are some tips to help you do so.

    • Fix your mindset – Set your mind. Where the head goes, the rest of the body follows. Know who you are, know what your goals are, and make a plan to execute them. No excuses.
    • Say affirmations – What you think you are… you are. What you say you are… you become. Speak positively about yourself and about what you would like to see in your life.
    • Define the areas in your life – Decide in what areas you would like to have more boldness, and then set a plan of action to obtain them.
    • Find a strong community – No one is meant to be an island. Connect with like-minded people to help you stay bold and confident.

Remember, boldness does not mean you don’t feel nervous or fear. It is just the grit and determination to stay the course you have set. Go, and be bold. Be the best, strongest, boldest, and most confident woman you can be.

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