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When I think of fashion, I think of the fancy outfits, the name brand clothes, shoes, accessories, and whatever is trending for the season. It’s crazy how fast fashion trends change, as if you’re supposed to get rid of all your old clothes when new styles hit the runways, and stock up on what’s in. Then, when those trends get old, just discard them and keep up with what’s next. Well, not so fast, if you honor your money, it’s important to shop smart, not trendy. The bottom line is it’s nothing wrong with buying flashy and trendy fashions, but the key is to make sure you always have your staples. You know, the clothes that are timeless and that can be interchanged with old, new, and the trendy. Another point, it’s important to not get caught up in trying to keep up with or impress others. My deceased pastor would always say, “Stop spending money that you don’t have, to buy things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like.”

In my opinion, fashion is not about the clothes, but about the confidence a person displays to the world while wearing the clothes. You could have two people put on the same exact outfit and the one who wears their clothes more confidently will shine, with the other as they say, letting the outfit wear them. In fact, it’s either you are wearing the outfit or the outfit will wear you. Where do you fall in the scenario? Do you wear clothes or do they wear you?

Read along as we interview Stephanie. She’ll give you pointers to fashionably present the best you.

Stephanie Moye is an innovative multi-talented trendsetter and award-winning fashion designer. She states, “Fashion design excites me like the feeling of being in love.”She has won the International Designer of the Year Award with The New Day Associates, and received the grand prize winner for Carnegie Museum of Art to design and showcase her work in the Material World’s Fashion Show, which is given international recognition, and she has received a monetary gift, as well. Additionally, she has been featured in Fashion Runway Life magazine, and Diamond Diva magazine.

In addition, she has designed costumes for over a decade, winning numerous awards nationally, such as Bronner Bros. and The Proud Lady. Some of her designs can be seen in the following: Vogue, TIME, Essence, JET, Radar, the Source Magazine, and in numerous other editorials. Stephanie launched her first line in 2014 called BLINGWEAR, which were Swarovski embellished T-shirts. In addition, her custom designs are included under the brand name, S. Moye’ Fashion. Her specialty is women’s wear; however, she enjoys creating evening wear the most. Stephanie’s designs were showcased in New York Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, Pittsburgh Fashion Week, Fashion Week Downtown, Style Week Pittsburgh, and numerous other events.

She has also been featured on Pittsburgh Today Live, and the Lynne Hayes Freeland Show regarding her collections.

With all of her accomplishments mentioned, she is also a fashion writer for several publications, one of which is Runway Life International magazine, and she has been the owner of Moye’ Hair Etc, a multi-ethnic hair salon located in Penn Hills, PA for 17 years.

In the beauty industry, Stephanie definitely has an eye for detail and delivers the whole package; however, her greatest passion is creating unique styles that compliment a woman’s personal style. When asked to name one of her attributes, she said, “I enjoy enhancing others’ beauty.”

Stephanie Moye is highly sought after in the beauty and fashion industry nationally. She is the one to watch. Her brand, S. Moye’ Fashion celebrates women by designing distinctive styles available online @www.smoyefashion.com, and they are also sold in the Penn Hills, Pennsylvania area.

“Style makes a statement without saying a word” – Stephanie Moye –


1) Tell us about yourself. Who is Stephanie Moye? I’m the owner of Moye’ Hair Etc and S. Moye’ Fashion. I’m multi-talented and business savvy with the gifts God has blessed me with, and I don’t take it for granted. I have many concerns regarding others; so encouraging and uplifting is important to me.

2) What made you get into the fashion industry?

Fashion chose me at a very young age. I was in awe of my mother’s clothes at 5 years old, and I would wear her clothes and prance around in her heels when she wasn’t home. Having a passion to create designs is in my bloodline.

3) How did you get started?

I was self-taught. I started sewing doll baby clothes at 6 years old, then at 12 years old, I began creating my own clothes. In my senior year in high school, I took a construction class, and my teacher asked me if I would be her assistant by helping to teach my fellow classmates. I began receiving requests while in high school to create bridesmaids and prom gowns. This was just the beginning.

4) What is a big mistake women over 40 make in fashion?

One of the biggest mistakes is some women don’t understand what compliments their body type. Like oversized tops can tend to look frumpy. My rule of thumb is when the top of a garment has poufy sleeves, is oversized or loosely fits, one should pair it with a pair of fitted pants or a skirt. On the other hand, when you wear loose palazzo pants or a full skirt (short or long), it looks best with a fitted top.

5) What are some do’s and don’ts when dressing for work?

Depending on what type of work one does, most traditional jobs do require a professional look according to their dress code. For instance, working in an office may require a conservative style. Below are some do’s and don’t tips for a traditional office setting.


    • Wear non-constricting clothes
    • Wear comfortable shoes
    • Wear styles that express your personal style without pushing boundaries of decency, like side boobs exposed

With evening, wear styles within your age range that compliment one’s body type and self-expression.


    • Do not wear cleavage showing
    • Do not wear underwear exposed
    • Do not wear micro mini-skirts
    • Don’t wear anything you’re uncomfortable with wearing

6) Describe the body types and the best look for each?

There are specific body types and shapes to simplify, I will highlight a few. For instance, curvy women look great in garments that hug their curves. Women with full hips look great in A-line dresses and skirts. Thin women look great in mostly any style.

7) Is it necessary to match colors and patterns in your clothes and in your shoes? Not necessarily, because various colors and patterns can be incorporated in the total look and be considered chic or Boho-Chic. When the patterns and colors compliment each other, it can work. Also, there are fabrics you can consider, which have recently become popular called mixed-patterns.

8) How important is it to use accessories when you dress?

It depends on each individual because there are minimalists who dress very conservative with minimal accents. Then, maximalists may wear lots of accessories. As long as the accessories don’t over power the look, it’s okay. So it’s based on various personalities and what’s comfortable for each person.

9) How important is hairstyle to the total look?

A hairstyle is very important to complete a total look as it shows self-expression, especially at different events you may attend.

10) How important is confidence to your fashion?

Having confidence is everything. Your style and the clothes you choose reflect and affect your mood. When a garment is worn, “One can wear the garment or the garment can wear them.” When displaying confidence, you wear the garment.

11) How important is your image when it’s relating to fashion?

The image a person displays is very important. It depends on whether you are dressing for work or play. The image displayed can reflect ones career and personal branding, especially as it relates to first impressions.

12) Can you give some fashion advice for someone on a budget?

Anyone can look great on a budget. Pairing up classic looks with trends can appear more expensive than wearing very dated looks. These looks can be achieved without breaking the bank at high end stores. The current trends at designer outlets or certain boutiques can also speak fashion without paying full price.

13) What makes a person savvy when it comes to fashion?

What makes a person savvy is fashionable looks that are well put together and that make a statement. Also, when a person can effectively mix high-end and low-end fashions together that look great, that makes them fashion savvy.

14) If a woman has no sense of style or no money, what would you suggest as “must have” items of clothing to be in her closet?

Some of the must haves are a fitted dress, a three quarter length coat, boot cut jeans, fitted pants, a pant suit, a classic top, classic pumps, and a leather purse.

15) If someone wanted to contact you, how can they reach you?

I can be reached via the online store S. Moye’ Fashion www.smoyefashion.com or IG smoyefashion, or by phone at 412-243-5600.

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** Credit for the featured picture – Designer: Stephanie Moye S. Moye’ Fashion


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