The Power of the “P”

When we met Randi at the Why Women Cry Conference in Baltimore and heard about her seminar, we approached her about being interviewed. We felt strongly that her subject is a topic most women don’t talk about. In fact, they are almost ashamed to talk about it. It’s like their “little secret.” In most instances, it’s not talked about with their significant other, in the churches, at women organizations or among friends. To make matters worse, at the doctor’s office, it’s even talked about lightly. Usually, the only time there is conversation is when something’s wrong, and even still, there is sometimes shame in asking questions. Well, Rhonda and I, believe knowledge is power, so we asked Randi to empower you with this important information. We hope you aren’t offended by this topic; but instead, use the information to learn and to be aware of your womanly health. Further, we hope she answers questions you always wanted or need to know; If not, feel free to reach out to her to learn more. But by all means, GET INFORMED, and please share the information and video! Remember, there should never be shame in talking about or getting to know your body. And without question, it’s important to talk about it with your daughters, so they can be both — empowered and unashamed to talk about and know their bodies, as well.

Without further ado, meet Randi Woods, as she educates you about the power of the P.

Randi Woods, MS, MBA, RN is an innovative heart centered nurse executive, educator, leadership coach and Sr. Director for Community Care Coordination at Sisters Together and Reaching, Inc. She has built a strong reputation for helping practitioners show up and serve from a place of love and awareness. Randi serves as a bridge between community based organizations and large health systems. In addition, she helps to design value-add solutions, which contribute to thriving communities. Randi truly believes in leveraging her skills and passion to help curate a culture of health with humanity in mind.

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