Finding the Determination to Succeed

Juliet N. Jones was a jobless, divorced, single mother who grew tired of being sick and tired. Using her life pain and “broken” state as motivation, she dared to dream. Determined to overcome her struggles and driven to create a better life for herself and her kids, she developed a proven system that took her from Zero to CEO of her own company. She vowed never to be in such a predicament again.

Juliet is from Pennsylvania and has two children, a son and daughter. She has become an inspiration for so many by sharing her story as she captivates audiences on her purpose driven tips for success. She believes there is no secret to success; however, there is a “system or process,” and by putting in the work, you will gain the results you desire. She also believes success is what “you” make it, but it can mean something different for each person. For some – it is financial gain, for some – it is passion for what they do, for some – it is living their dream as their own boss; and for others, it is a combination of all of the above. Then, there are those where success may mean something different. The important thing is to find a system or process to help you gain what you desire. Listen along as Juliet tells her story.

*** The interview is also written below for those who prefer to read it; however, the answers are only provided, to get the interview in its entirety, you will need to watch the video.

3WV: What does your quote, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great” mean to you?

Juliet: A lot of times, people think you have to start out with all this extra. And they feel like you gotta be great to get started. Like you’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that, and you don’t have to be. You can just be authentically you. God created you in His likeness and His image. He wants to take that person, he wants to take all the talents and gifts He put in you and make it great. So, I don’t want people to fear— I’m not where I need to be or maybe I have to have all these extra prerequisites. God will take you right where you are to move you to the next level.

3WV: Tell us a little about yourself.

Juliet: I’m just a girl from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I wasn’t born privileged, rich or famous. My mom was a single mom and that struggle was real. It was tough growing up like many single mothers out there, I know they can relate. And it’s hard when you have to do it all by yourself, on your own, but I dared to dream. It’s been a challenge, a lot of obstacles, and it hasn’t been easy, but I refuse to give up. So, I’m crazy enough to still believe that all things truly are possible. I’m a mother, I’m a happy mom of two amazing children, and I did it by myself. And I just kept saying mediocrity is not going to be an option.

I remember when I had really hit rock bottom; I’ll never forget, and I was living in New Jersey. I was just recently divorced, I lost my job, I couldn’t pay my bills, and I couldn’t make ends meet. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I watched all of my belongings as we drove away in a car that was about to be repossessed. And I watched all of my items, all my furniture on the front of my yard, as we pulled away from our home at the time. And that was a hard moment for me because I thought, “What do I do? Where do I go from here?” Back to the quote, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” And I remember crying all the way back on the highway, and so the kids wouldn’t see me, I was sniffling trying to act like it was an allergy because I thought, “What do I do now?” I’m a divorced single mom with two kids, I lost my job, I have nowhere to live now, and I’m in a car they’re about to take; and so I came back home to Pennsylvania, and I decided I never wanted to be in that position or have that feeling again. I knew like the gym; and I like to use the gym because that’s a hard one for me Debbie. Yeah, it takes determination, dedication and commitment when you set that goal, but you gotta work it before you get the six-pack, before you lose the weight. It’s not going to be easy, but if you stay the course, eventually, you’ll get a return on that investment. That’s the attitude I took for life with the bible (basic instructions before leaving earth); and with that I said, “I’m going to set a goal to go after my dream, and that’s what I did, and that’s what led me to where I am today.

3WV: How did you get from Zero to CEO, and what did you learn about yourself in the process?

Juliet: You said it right, zero as in “broke and broken.” I learned that I was stronger than I thought. I learned that I was a lot stronger than I even gave myself credit for. I also learned that I wasn’t going to be able to do it alone. It was going to take God. It was going to take faith, even in things unseen. What happened is I had to realize there is a preparation, a process, and a season. And I learned that; and I don’t throw this around when I say, “Things are truly possible through Christ who strengthens us, and once you get in relationship, you’ll understand that the setback is only preparing you for a comeback, even better than where you were before. So, with that and my own self-determination to not fail my children or look like I failed in front of my family and friends, that helped to give me that extra little push to keep going… to keep pushing. I’m glad that I did because I remember listening to T.D. Jakes one day, and a few other amazing speakers out there, who said, “If you’re going to go through something, why not continue going through it and get a reward for the pain. If I go through it or stop halfway through it, I might as well see it through. I’ve got nothing else to lose, I’m already broke, busted and disgusted. So, it’s not going to be worse than that. I might as well get through it and get rewarded for what I went through, and that’s what led me from Zero to CEO.

3WV: If someone was in that predicament where they feel stuck and don’t know what to do, what would be some key things you would tell them to get through it?

Juliet: I would tell them to understand, first, they are not alone. A lot of times when we’re going through something; we as people, tend to feel like we’re the only ones. I know there’s lots of times I felt like I was the only person in that situation. And I don’t know if you or anybody else ever felt like when you’re going through something, you ask yourself, “Am I the only one? Is this only happening to me?” Especially, when you have friends and family that you may be around at that moment, and it’s not happening for them. There is a blueprint to get you through. What got me through was realizing I needed to be healthy in 5 areas of my life: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially because we gotta have that balance. And I believe what a man or a woman thinks… they begin to speak, and what they speak… they begin to believe, and what they believe… will ultimately become their reality. I got tired of being tired. So, I started to change my mindset. I kept hearing all these people talking about it and it sounded good; but I’m like well how, how do I do that?  Back to the gym, you can get on that treadmill on Sunday, when you wake up, you’re not going to have that six-pack on Monday. It doesn’t work that fast. But if you show up everyday for the next 3-6 months, you may see one or two packs come off, and that’s how it works in life. I want to encourage anybody that’s listening that you’re not alone, to realize you can do it, and to give yourself a little more credit than what you probably are giving yourself. Also, start with positive affirmations and scripture. Say it every single day until you really start to believe it; because it’s one thing to say it, but if you don’t believe it, it’s not going to manifest. You have to really believe it. And set short-realistic goals. A lot of times we have a tendency, we want the big pie in the sky. And we have that microwave mentality… want everything fast, but a lot of times we have to wait on that thing; and it does take time, but it is worth it in the end.

3WV: What have you taught your kids about life, love, happiness and being strong?

Juliet: The first thing I taught them is to DreamBuildWin, which is my motto. Go after your dream, build that dream and you can win. And to put God first over everything. And to be okay with failure. A lot of times, people think if they fail that means they’re disqualified; and their not, the only way to learn from a mistake is to make a mistake. We’re not perfect people, then we’d be gods, and we’d have no need for Him if everything was right all the time and we were perfect. He wouldn’t be able to show us just how awesome and miraculous He was if everything always went the way we thought it should go. I tell them to not make the same mistake over and over again, defining the definition of insanity. But it’s okay to make a mistake and learn from that mistake, keep it moving; and in life, don’t always compare success to financial… to just money, because money is not the only thing that can make you happy. Happiness is an inside job that comes from within and it’s your choice. You can wake and choose to be happy. You can choose to not be happy. 

3WV: What’s your why?    

Juliet: I’m one of those people who really do care because I’ve been through it. I was telling my girlfriend the other day, I feel like Harriet Tubman, you know she found the Underground Railroad and did all that running and traveling, but she came back and got everybody else, and those who wanted to break free, they followed. So, I feel like I’m not just looking out for self, there’s a purpose and I want to serve. And I want to see other people be successful, too. And as a mother raising two children, I really do care and I have a heart for people, and a heart for single moms because I am a single mom. I know I could have given up, and I could have tried other things that could have landed me in any position or even not being here; but I didn’t give up, and so, I vowed not just to myself and my children, but to other single moms, not to let them down. Sometimes, we need the right people to coach us because some people aren’t in a position where they’re taught that at home or where they have the opportunity to have a coach, whether it’s a coach at school or not at school. So, I wanted to be that coach for those who grew up like me. now I was lucky to have my mother who knew the Lord and she was able to instill that, but again, some people come from broken home situations of abuse and neglect. I thank God, I wasn’t in that type of situation, but there are other people who are. And I wanted to share what I found like Harriet Tubman and say, “Listen, I’ve got this underground railroad, you can be free. Listen, I’ve been through it.” But you know, it’s up to the person if they want to take that chance and make that change from their mindset and their situation.

3WV: What motivates and pushes you to do what you do?

Juliet: Because mediocrity is no longer an option. I remember years ago, when I used to cry, and get so frustrated when the holidays came around because I felt like I was never prepared financially. And my children used to say, “It’s okay mom. You know how we do, so we’ll get a couple things now and the rest we’ll get in February cause that’s our income tax check.” And I felt bad because I felt like I shouldn’t even be in a position where I can’t afford to get them the things they want for Christmas. But you can make it happen. You know as moms, we know how to make something out of nothing. So, I said to myself, I don’t ever want to be able to say I can’t do this properly: financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. And so, I took the time to start getting myself in preparation. So, that motivated me to want better because I realized, the only person that was able to change my situation was me. My mom couldn’t do it. My dad couldn’t do it. My kids couldn’t do it. I had to do it; and what I couldn’t do, I had to say, “Well God, I have to accept the things I cannot change,” the serenity prayer. I said, “What I can’t do, I have to put my faith in that you can do the rest,” and He has done it. I started putting myself around people that were trying to get to that level. I wanted to see what was going on in somebody else’s world; and I wasn’t a big reader, but I started to read because education and knowledge is so key and so powerful helping you grow as an individual. That helped to keep me motivated.   

3WV: What have been some roadblocks for you getting from where you were to where you are now?

Juliet: Myself… because I didn’t take the time to celebrate the small wins. I was so focused on the bigger goal, yet, I was accomplishing little goals along the way, and I forgot to celebrate them; and then realized, I am successful because I can be successful the way I define it, and not by the way the world defines it. And I learned, you don’t have to be famous to be impactful. You don’t have to be perfect to be influential. You can be authentically you, as long as you’re being a good you. And I learned, it was no longer about me, it was about others. So, when I started not focusing on me, that’s when the picture became more clear. My goal is to be that coach; like in the gym, “Now give me two more, I know you’ve got it in you.” Because I know what their goals are and I’m going to help them reach them.

3WV: I know you are a motivational speaker. What are some empowering messages you give to women who may be feeling stuck, have low self-esteem or things like that?

Juliet: It ties into the previous question knowing that you are going to have those roadblocks and you’re going to have days where you feel like things aren’t going your way; when you’re starting out, especially in business as an entrepreneur. Simply put, it takes money to make money and you have to be willing to invest in you. Before you can make an investment, you have to get yourself; somewhat, financially educated, and learn how to save and what you need in order to invest. I want them to know there’s a preparation; comparing that to sports, you don’t just get out there and start playing football and expect to win the championship. There is an intense training for a long period of time before they get there. There is a playbook and plays. I try to get people to understand you’ve got to get yourself prepared in those 5 areas I talked about earlier to really feel like you are ready to tackle your dream, and to get to the next level. And to understand those roadblocks and setbacks are going to happen because that’s just life. So, what I tell them again is that quote, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” I tell them there are 365 days in a year, and that’s 365 opportunities to start over. I tell them: recharge, refuel, restart. That’s talking about, in the book, how to get healthy in those 5 areas so they are prepared to live their dream and their best life today.

3WV: Tell me what each one of those steps mean.

Juliet: Recharge, I look at that like a battery. We’re on our phones all the time, but it doesn’t run nonstop, it needs a moment to charge up. A lot of times as dreamers when we’re so excited about going after our dream, especially new entrepreneurs, when we’re in business, we find that we work a lot harder when we are building somebody else’s dream. So, we need to not burn out. We need to take time to recharge, take a step back and have that work-life balance because God and family over everything. If you burn yourself out physically and mentally, then you no good and you can’t be any good to anybody else. So, recharge is knowing to take that moment to say I need to recharge my battery, and that I can continue being all that I can be when I’m fully charge up. Refuel, that’s just like the vehicle, you need the gasoline to keep going or the car can’t move. So, we need those basic instructions before leaving earth… the bible, positive affirmations, and if somebody else don’t motivate you… motivate yourself. Google and YouTube are the most amazing things that have ever come out. It’s free and you can find great affirmations to help keep you going; my book, “Tired of Being Tired: Recharge, Refuel, Restart,” and so many other books out there. 

3WV: How did you find the time to write a book with you being so busy? 

Juliet: Well, the last part of the previous question was Restart, so that falls right in line with that. I tried to write my first book for the like the first 4 years. I kept rewriting it and rewriting it because I thought it wasn’t perfect, and then I realized it didn’t have to be perfect. I said I was going to tell my story and those that it’s going to help is what it was going to be meant to be for. And after 4 years, I finally put the book out. In the beginning, you don’t know how to get there or even get going because I tried and I fell off. But once you see those results, it makes it easier to want to dig back into it, and that’s how it happened with the writing.

I have a new book coming out, a co-author edition called, “The Parentpreneur Survival Guide.” For parents that are also entrepreneurs, We want to help them out, too, because a lot of times I look at them as supermoms or superdads and superparents that need to encourage other parents too.

3WV: What does it feel like to be a boss lady?

Juliet: Wow, I’m humble. I’ve come a long way. But, it feels good because I can see all my hard work paying off to that moment. And being able to know that I do have something that is genuinely my own, so I call it, “the fruit from my labor.”  

3WV: Does it feel lonely sometimes, and how do you handle the naysayers?

Juliet: It is lonely at the top, and I used to hear people say that, and i didn’t understand it, bit I had to realize that sometimes; depending on what you are going after, you may have to step away from friends and family to pursue that thing. And in doing that, you have less time, because money and time are two very valuable things in my life, and sometimes when you’re utilizing your extra time for your dream, you lose the extra time for the extracurricular activities with your family and friends that you may have had when you weren’t pursuing that dream. It’s pretty lonely because you’re now using that time to go after your goals. And yes, in doing that, you lose the time for everything else. I tried to still have a balance, But even with that, there are moments where I’m grinding, and I don’t have the time. But I don’t grind too hard to where I’m burned out and I don’t make time when it’s needed, so that the family doesn’t suffer behind me trying to grind.   

3WV: How does it work with you and dealing with men who are professionals and how do they look at you? And do you find it hard for you to date, if you are dating? 

Juliet: First of all, I’m a black woman. We’ve come a long way… women in business. And that’s always going to be the silent, but visible corporate structure when you are a women and in business. It’s gotten a lot better. I won’t say it’s at it’s best, but it’s definitely far more along then where we were. And I see more and more women bossing up and saying, “I can do this, too.” And I love that because it show that not only men have gifts and talents, that women have it too; now i’m not saying, be a different role in terms of trying to do it all because we’re designed to be who we are. A man and his role in the family should be just that, and her role should be just that, and you two balance one another out in supporting each other, and helping each other reach each others greatest potentials, the way God designed it. I love that women are more empowered to step away from the classic barefoot and pregnant. And are holding it down, while still giving birth. And I think men are respecting that more as long as she is being authentically her, choosing herself, and being the best version of herself. I think man, a good man, will see that as a way of building an empire together. 

But it is difficult in dating because of the time or being so focused on reaching goals, sometimes doesn’t allow for times after you’ve reached goals and then you’re making time for family and friends to also say, “I’m going to squeeze in dating.” And now this day and age with so much going on in the world; I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’m a lot more skeptical because everything that glitters is not gold. I’ve learned to wait on God for the right time and the right season for me to be ready for the right man. I’m open to dating the right way, but I’m not overanxious about it feeling like I’m missing out like I did before and ended up in the wrong situation that God didn’t intend for me. Sometimes, we can be so excited about something we want if it doesn’t line up with what He has for you, then you’re putting yourself in a situation that was never designed for you to be in anyway.

3WV: When average women look at you and say, “I can’t identify with her.” What would you say to them to get them sparked and motivated to change their lives? 

Juliet: I look at them and I say, “Child, stop playing (laughing).” We have the same thing. We have a brain in our head, two arms, two legs or whatever it is. We were born with the same thing called… opportunity. It’s just the choices that I’ve made that led me to where I am compared to the choices other people have made. But the good thing about choice is that it never stops. You can re-choice, restart, refuel, recharge. You can always make a different choice at any point in your life and at any age in your life. So, on one hand, I get that because they may be looking at this is where I am because of the 10 year process it took me to get here; and they may be just starting, but they can get there. So, I encourage them because they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, and they don’t see the struggle before the reward. They don’t see the person sweating on the treadmill, crying and fussing. They don’t see all that stuff. They only see the result. So, it’s no different, you’re just catching me in front of the scenes instead of behind the scenes. But when you come behind the scenes, we all are the same. It just take: preparation, that time and dedication, and commitment to get there. And that what I do, I coach my clients and customers to go through that process so they can get there, too. 

3WV: What would you say to a person that’s sick and tired of being sick tired of being sick and tired? How can your book (Tired of Being Tired: Recharge, Refuel, Restart) help them?

Juliet: That’s my favorite kind of person. That means they are right on track. So many stories I heard of successful people and how they failed. Before they became successful people, they got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I like that because that says you are finally sick of your own process. Some people come and they say they’re tired, but they’re holding on to the same process. But, if when the doctors say you have diabetes and it’s time to change your lifestyle, then we tend to get serious about this thing. The doctor told me I had a blood clot that almost killed me and I got real serious, really quick. And I don’t want that to be somebody’s motivation.

To answer that question, that lets me know they’re really ready to try a process that has been proven to work, and when they’re really tired of being sick and tired that means they have tried what they thought was everything and didn’t get the results they expected. So, now I really got someone who I know is going to be really ready and committed to go through the process to get them to where they want to be.

3WV: What do you do that keeps you happy outside of working and Christ being in your life? 

Juliet: I spend time with my family. I love comedy, and I think laughter is healing. We’ve got enough to cry about. My children and watching them grow and seeing them take the tools they were taught and apply to their own life as they venture off. I’ve learned in being single, I found out some things that I like because when you’re not single you don’t have a lot of time to focus on you because you’re trying to be something for everybody: the wife, the mom, the boss, worker or co-worker. I took the time to find out what Juliet likes, and I found out I like going to the movies, and I tried different foods. I started reading, and I’ve learned I like National Geographic. And I do like; and I’ve learned to, what I call… stop and smell the roses. So, I’ll walk just to pray or enjoy the fact that God has given me life, and I find fulfillment in the simple things. 

3WV: If you could get a do-over in your life, is there anything you would change?

Juliet: No, because then I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t change anything about what happened before I got here. I’d have less to be humbled and thankful for. And then, I’d be messing with God’s design. And knowing me, He needed to teach me some of those hard lessons because I’m hard-headed. But I wouldn’t change because I take my life as a pattern to learn from those mistakes to know what not to do.

3WV: How do you deal with rejection and what would you tell other women?

Juliet: I don’t like it and I had to learn that “no” doesn’t mean never. It just might mean, not now. And I had to learn to be okay with that because not everything is going to be for everyone. And that’s what getting in relationship with God and really figuring what your purpose is. You want to make sure you’re targeting the right areas in your life. I would say be encouraged and focus on the right area and the right path.

3WV: How important is it to set goals when you’re going after your dream? 

Juliet: It’s very important. To not have a plan is kind of like walking around like Moses for 40 years in the wilderness. Even in business, you have to have a plan. You have to know where you’re starting, where you’re going, and where you want to end up. You’ve got to have a life plan and a business plan in place.

3WV: What does it mean to empower women?

Juliet: It empowers me to empowers others. A lot of times you tend to wonder, is it effective? Am I being really being impactful? One person told me one day that if it wasn’t for what I did, they would have died. But I motivated them to go after their dream. That person got their health together and got their life back. That;s my why? That makes me feel good because I feel like there are people out there that need something. And even though I didn’t know it, I was impacting someone. Another person said after I put my album out, they played your song in prison, and he said, “If it wasn’t for your song, I don’t know if I would have made it. So, even if you don’t see the people, just know that somebody, somewhere is being touched.

3WV: Do you have any last words you would like to say to women?

Juliet: Never give up, no matter what it looks like or how hard it is. Don’t Give Up. I was watching National Geographic. All jokes aside, I watched this thing and they were showing me chimpanzees and there was a chimp called David and David had ruled that particular part of that land for 3 years and they had a drought and needed to move on, but right before the drought, a woman… a boss lady came by, it was that season when all the males would get to fighting and carrying on because they wanted to connect with the lady, and he had to fight, and he tried to build his allies, and he thought he had them; but they turned on him, they beat David and left him for dead. (To hear the rest of the story, you have to listen to the video).

The moral of the story is that David ended up being King and they didn’t challenge him, but he was left for dead; and so, there’s a David in all of us that no matter what it looks like, you don’t have to give up. And in watching that, I learned a lesson; not only for myself, but to share with others that you would be surprised of the greatness; like Les Brown always says, that is deep within you to get up like David and don’t quit. Keep going. And sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it. Sometimes that’s what you gotta do to get back in the game and know that the possibility is still there. So, that’s what I would say. ” You be David and let them be surprised there is some strength left in you.”

3WV: What’s your contact information for people to reach you?

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