Through the Fire: The Kelley Porter Story

Can you imagine being totally broken to the point of no return? Where your life is literally like a train wreck or plane crash and the train or plane is on fire, but there’s no one at the scene to help you. Your mind is discombobulated, your spirit is shattered, your heart is tormented, and your body is in pain and broken. Can you see it? Stay with me. And then it gets even worse, you have to fight and struggle to find a way to survive all by yourself, even with the pain. To make matters worse, the weather is against you, time is against you, your own body is against you, your thoughts are twisted and against you, your sight is off and you are temporarily blinded. Keep thinking about that crash, can you see it? Now, imagine if it’s really your life?

What would you do if there was no one and nowhere to turn to for help? Where would you go? 

These are questions some women in abusive relationships probably think about; but because of fear or lack of support, they continue to succumb to their oppressed way of life… stuck in their toxic relationships.

You see, in life, many are dealing with their own train wreck or plane crash; some not so damaging as others, but still a wreck, and they have to learn to fight in order to survive. Keeping that in mind, there are those who don’t have the strength or know-how to fight; and some are afraid to fight, so they settle… remaining in their state of oppression and suffering. Then, there are those who choose to fight and survive; so, they will do what it takes to overcome and rise above their circumstances.

With that said, meet this incredible women… Kelley Porter, as she tells her extraordinary story of pain, struggle, and survival. Be inspired by her story of redemption, renewal, and strength, as she shares how she came through the fire, and was able to go from pain to power.

“I am who I am today because of my story.”
“The power I possess is beyond measure.”


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      Yes, Kelley’s story was inspiring and impactful… to know there is power after you come through the fire. I know her story will help so many. Thanks for commenting!

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