Taking Risk and Trusting Your Gifts

Article Written By: Debbie Stokes

For so many, risk is a scary word because it requires you to go outside of what’s normal for you. It also requires you to be brave. If you think about what risk means, it’s taking a chance that could be harmful, dangerous or cause loss. but you do it anyway.

    • Maybe it’s for the thrill.
    • Maybe it’s to push yourself harder or further than you’ve ever been.
    • Maybe it’s because somebody dared you.
    • Maybe you had something to prove to yourself or someone else.

The bottom line is if you decide to take a risk, you make a conscious decision to go for it. For instance: some people may jump out of a plane, some may bungee jump, some may quit a stable job, some may start a business, some may tell their partner they cheated… risking losing the relationship. Additionally, others may bet their money in the stock market, and some may gamble at a casino. The list goes on and on. However, whatever it is you do when you risk something, you find the courage to let your inner strength become greater than your inner fear, allowing you to push yourself to do it. But the truth is many don’t trust themselves to take a step into the unknown, that place of risk, because they live in a place where doubt and fear prevails.

With that said, when you take risks, you will become stronger by seeing yourself go further than you thought you ever could. In fact, you will move into a place of fearlessness realizing you were the only one standing in your way of going for it. Keeping that in mind, each time you take risks, it will make you feel accomplished and empowered.

As you begin to take risks in your life, you will encounter your gifts. Your gifts are those things that are displayed to the world, and that you do well. Some of us know what our gifts are and use them effectively. On the other hand, there are those who may know what their gifts are, but they don’t trust them, usually because of fear or rejection.

The following are examples:

    • You are a good singer and people recognize it and tell you all the time, but you only sing while taking a shower or driving your car, and you will not share it with others, like in a choir.
    • You are a good organizer, but when your boss asks you to organize a committee meeting, you back out.
    • You are a excellent dancer, but you won’t try out for the dance team at school knowing your dancing can help the team.
    • You can motivate others, but you refuse to or can’t motivate yourself.
    • You can write, but you won’t risk rejection from a publisher, so, you don’t write the next great novel.
    • You have a lot of powerful information to share to an audience, but you won’t do public speaking because of fear.

All these are some ways people don’t trust their gifts. Too bad, a lot of us don’t. But when you do trust your gifts, it will manifest itself in your works. The thing to remember is…. The first step is to take one.

As you listen to Chardelle in this interview, she will tell you the rewards of taking risks, trusting your gifts, and why personal development is important. At the end of the interview, be sure to listen to her reciting 2 empowering poems she wrote that are impacting audiences everywhere.




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