Letting Go of Anger and Finding Forgiveness

Article and Interview By: Debbie Stokes

What will it take for you to let go of your anger and forgive the person you have an issue with?

How long will you hold onto the pain? To the anger? Does your peace have to keep suffering?

I challenge you to open your mind and heart to letting go of all the feelings that have you bound, not for the other person, but for you, so you can move on with your life… free and clear.

When you are able to relinquish your chains, break down those walls, and rebuild your relationships… you can take back your power, and get your life back. Just as God forgives us, we have to forgive ourselves and others if we truly want to LIVE at peace, in peace, and with peace.

Again, I challenge you to dig deep to really let go of your anger, and see what possibilities await you. You can do it!

With that said, I introduce to you, Diane Lang. She is a therapist, educator, author, positive living expert, and happy coach.

Diane has made it her business to teach people how to redirect their thought process to seek out and find happiness. Follow along while I interview her, as she gives you concrete steps to help you let go of anger, find forgiveness, and seek out happiness.

Diane’s Book & Contact Information:

Mindfully Happy: Waking up to Life by [Lang, Diane]

To learn more about the book, click link:  https://bit.ly/2KlSnlo

Website: dlcounseling.com

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