We Are Women: Strong-Beautiful-and Proud

Written By: Debbie Stokes

Have you ever thought about the strength you possess as a woman?

As we enter into 2020, now is the time to refocus on who we are. This year has been good for some and for others—not so good, but what defines us is still the same… we are women. Despite the obstacles we’ve overcome, the pain we’ve endured, the insecurities we’ve battled, the doubts we’ve let slow us down, the lost loves, the missed opportunities, and the rejections we faced… we made it through. We didn’t quit. We found out just how strong we are and what we are made of. We are fighters and survivors simply because… we are women. We are our family’s and society’s backbone. We know how to overcome.

With that said, I want to personally congratulate all the women who despite your obstacles, you manged to have victories. Not forgetting those who are still in a struggle, I send my prayers that you find comfort, peace, and guidance through it all.

This week, I want to share with you the power we possess as women, who we are, why we should always stand tall in knowing we are worthy, and why we should never doubt what we can do or become.

Here’s to us… Women of strength, substance, and purpose.

Moving towards the new year, I can’t help but to think about what it means to be a woman:

A woman brings inner strength to her family, hope to despair, and focus to confusion. She’s guided by purpose and promise while maintaining compassion, as she exhibits confidence in her knowledge and abilities to be who she is.

Her heart is positioned to give comfort, encouragement, and guidance. She exemplifies character, beauty, honor, and completeness. In her quest to build up her family, friends, and community; she opens up herself to hurt, pain, and disappointments. Yet, she never complains.

She understands the things she endures are meant to make her stronger. Her personal world is usually neglected because she’s always the last to be fulfilled. Still, she never complains.

In Her Personal Life… she appreciates who she is, but tries to be everything to everybody.

In Her Family Life… she brings organization and are the hands and walls holding everything together.

In Her Relationships… she is usually the understanding, loving, heart giver.

In Her Community… she is the protector, motivator, and information receiver. As she develops in strength, passion, and purpose; she connects with her inner-self and becomes connected with God; thereby, being a voice to the lost.

In Her Spiritual Life… she is driven and brings passion to her fellow worshipers and those in her path. She’s a beacon of light to the blind, a helping hand to the needy, and a great boost to the struggling. She gives and shares love with a spirit of knowing she expects nothing in return. She has an answer to your question and a word when you need to listen.

In Her Womanhood… she is proud, committed, charming, and full of wisdom.

So, as I reflect on all we are. I celebrate you… Women. Strong, Beautiful and Proud.

I thank God for the struggles that made you push harder and grow stronger; and I celebrate your wisdom in believing and knowing in God, anything is possible. So, keep going and keep shining!

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