How To Be Safe Using UBER

Written By: Debbie Stokes

I want to say… HAPPY HOLIDAYS! As the Christmas holiday closes in, the end of the year is creeping upon us fast. We are about to break new ground by entering into 2020— a new year and a new decade. I can’t help but think about gratitude and how blessed I am to have completed the first year of my blog. Yay!

I started the blog on January 1, 2019; it has been enlightening, enriching, and satisfying because I got to follow my passion. I have met some wonderful women who have kindly contributed their time, knowledge, and words of encouragement and empowerment to my readers. For that, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for contributing to my blog. You are awesome and have truly touched my heart. Again, thank you!

As of now, I’d like you to know this is the last post for the year. For that reason, I have decided to share this video interview about Uber safety. Since there are so many horror stories with women who have been using Uber services, I thought it befitting to interview an Uber driver, so he could give insight into how you or women you know can be safe, including during the holidays. Please be sure to watch all the way to the end and I would love hearing your comments. Also, please share this important information with every women you know. It just may save a woman or someone you know from becoming a victim of assault, rape or human trafficking.

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My vision is for you and me is to engage more. I would love to hear your comments, thoughts, and ideas on things I post, and about what you want to see and talk about in the upcoming year. Let’s connect!

Again, thanks so much for your support.

Love You!


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