Over 40 and Traveling- Let’s Go!

Article Written By: LaRae September

You are now in your forties and have successfully created a career, a wonderful family life, or maybe you are happily single. You have given your everything to make sure your family and career is content and well attended to for quite some time. You look up and realize it has been forty plus years and you are ready to start doing things for you. When your forties come along, you are more aware of what you desire and more immune to the pressure the world places upon you. At this point, you have enough “things” and it is now time for experiences that will become more important than anything else.

You know what you want to see and explore during your travels, so you begin to write down places on your bucket list or life list, as some call it. You are now feeling adventurous and looking for quality travel. So now what? It’s time to live your best life and see the world, but there is one problem, you have no one to travel with you. Your friends want to go, but they never follow through with paying for it or making the commitment to go, and that means you have to postpone your dreams of traveling the world or go solo. There is nothing worse than trying to plan a trip with someone who won’t commit until a week before, when the tickets have now tripled in price, and you’re stuck dealing with that or not going at all. Most women don’t want to go solo, but sometimes they have no choice. It is for this reason, I want to give you some tips below to help make your travels safer. These tips can apply to anyone who travels.

Important Safety Tips When Traveling:

    1. Find out everything you can about the place you are visiting including the places to avoid and the safest places to visit.
    2. Be sure to pack all your documents in one location, and make copies and keep them in a different place.
    3. Make sure your passport and Visa are up-to-date (at least 6 months pass your return date).
    4. Don’t post on social media when you are going on a trip and when you will be back, and don’t post pictures on social media while you are away. Wait until you get back to post them. These things are important because if you do this, you are letting thieves know you are not home.
    5. Never go off alone, if possible, go in groups.
    6. Be sure to take advantage of apps for your family to stay in contact with you, and touch bases from time to time.
    7. Be sure to make use of the locks in your rooms to store valuables, but try not to take things of value with you.
    8. Know the conversion rate of the money where you are visiting, if applicable, and never flash your money.
    9. Be sure to not wear clothes that make you stand out. You want to blend in as much as possible.
    10. Pay attention to your surroundings and people.
    11. If you get lost, be very careful about who you ask for directions.
    12. Always give your family the itinerary, and check in when you arrive and when you leave.
    13. Don’t go off with strangers.
    14. Trust your gut/intuition when making decisions while there.
    15. Be sure to have outlet conversions for your plug up items. Check with agent or destination for what’s needed. If you’re going within the U.S. or U.S. capable places, you won’t need one.
    16. If you are going to another country, know the embassy infomation.
    17. Buy travel insurance, especially if you are traveling internationally.
    18. Be sure to get the required shots, if applicable, for health reasons before you go.
    19. Check the place you are visiting for any weather realted or travel warnings, and/or health issues.
    20. As far as your credit card, be sure to call the company to let them know you will be using it in another country and what country, so they can be aware.

Following these tips will help you navigate your traveling and destination with more ease and safety. This applies to women traveling alone or in groups, and anyone else who travels.

At Dudley Dream Travel (DDT), we realized that many women want to experience the world through a scheduled timetable, staying safe and hanging out with people from their own age and country when traveling abroad. We have created a special niche to allow women to travel in their own comfort zone as a single traveler or to match you with a roommate of similar interests. This allows solo travelers to be alone, and still travel and make new friends.

My group, Black Women Travel! No Need To Go Solo originated on Facebook and has grown to over one-thousand members. This group’s travel dynamic has been successful in initiating life-long friendships and travel partners for life. Many women now meet up in their respective states and socialize, plan outings, and trips together on their own.

DDT plans several group trips every year to the most popular destinations and attractions worldwide. We also plan individual trips for families, couples, friends, and solo travelers. Our services are positioned very carefully. They are of extremely high quality, comfortable, informative, and tailored to the client’s needs; such that, they will enable individuals to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and its intricacies.

Will you join us as we travel the globe and explore the world making one new friend at a time?

Meet LaRae

LaRae September is an experienced travel agent who is often sought after by family and friends to book their travel, as a result of her own travels and global experience. She is an extraordinary travel advisor who is committed to making your travel experience amazing and unique. LaRae has traveled the world and she uses her extensive knowledge to plan worldwide vacations for her clients. Her passion and love for travel is seen through her dedication to help people fulfill their dreams of exploring new cultures through travel adventures. She believes that traveling gives us life and her passion is evident to all her clients. LaRae is very warm and personable, very responsive to clients, and goes beyond the call of duty to make her clients happy.

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