Leaving A Legacy For Your Kids: A Must See Video Interview

Article Written and Interview By: Debbie Stokes

Do kids have a right to our “stuff” when we die?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question can vary from—they don’t have a right to anything to they can have everything, or their answer can fall anywhere in between.

Where do you stand with your answer? Is it your intent to leave something for your kids?

What if I told you, whether you know it or not, your stuff and reputation is apart of your legacy and they will get it, one way or another. It could be the things you purposely intend to leave or it could be things you never thought you would be leaving, unintentionally… like debt or a bad reputation.

My guest, LeTonya Moore (an award winning attorney), is passionate about why she believes people should leave a legacy for their kids. She will explain to you why it’s important. She has dropped so many gems, and I would suggest you listen to the video all the way to the end and take notes so you won’t miss anything. There will probably be things you didn’t know or never thought about. Be sure to Share and Like this video and I would love to hear your comments afterwards; and please Subscribe to my blog. 

LeTonya Moore is an attorney-entrepreneur, author, and media personality. She has leveraged what she has learned to show others how to create a legacy and protect their brand.  She is affectionately called the Global Brand Protector.  She earned that moniker by assisting emerging brands in solidifying themselves in the global marketplace using her 360° Brand Protection Methodology. The 360° Brand Protection Methodology™ is a process that combines several aspects of tax resolution, business, and legal principles that go beyond copyrights, trademarks, patents, and contracts to assist entrepreneurs in creating a legacy that benefits multiple generations.

LeTonya has received recognition for her accomplishments and has been graced with such awards as:

  • 2019 Winner of Enterprising Women Award, Enterprising Woman Magazine
  • 2019 Winner of #CelebrateaSista Award
  • 2019 Real Chicks Rock Woman of the Year Award Winner

Her book, “Stop Brand Stealing Thieves Now!” can be found at: https://amzn.to/30KdzZz

Her Contact Information:

All Social Media Platforms – @LeTonya Moore

Email Letonya@Iprotectyourbrand.com

Website  Iprotectyourbrand.com

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