How to Deal with Grief and Loss – A Video Interview

Article Written and Interview by: Debbie Stokes

One thing is certain in life, we all will experience grief and loss many times throughout our lives. Loss is inevitable. What makes the difference is how we deal with it.

Most times when we think of grief and loss, we relate it to losing a loved one, and yes, this is the most devastating kind of loss we can suffer.

The loss of a child. The loss of a parent. The loss of a spouse or significant other. The loss of a friend. The loss of a family member.

All of these types of loss impact our lives tremendously when it happens without warning.

However, did you know we go through grief at other times in our lives too?

We go through grief more times then we realize. For instance, we go through these same experiences during a break-up, or if we experience a foreclosure, and if we lose our car to an accident or repossession. Also, when we lose money or anything that means something to us, or that has significance in our lives.

Meet Deneen—she is going to talk to you about grief and hope, the stages we go through, and how the way we look at things matter. In addition, she is going to give us some things we can do to help get us through our losses.

Deneen Andrades has real life experience coupled with professional expertise and master-level certifications in NLP, Master Hypnotherapy and Master Time Line Therapy. Deneen has spoken on stages worldwide with Les Brown, at UCLA, and at the infamous Mindvalley University.

As an international perspective expert, best selling author and coach, Deneen’s ability to give her clients the tools to transform how they react, respond, and ultimately—instantly change their results is like no other.

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