The Truth About Entrepreneurship

Written & Submitted by: Kirsten Dunn

“It’s a good Morning, this is a good Morning. This is a really good Morning, this is a New Morning, this is a New Day. This is a new vibrational point of an attraction.”

Hearing this soothing mantra, I inhale life and exhale gratitude. I place my feet on the floor and prep to meditate and start my day. I glance at my phone and see I have a 2 pm meeting.

I proceed to cut on the oven, start the coffee pot, remove the crock pot from under the cabinet; only to realize it wasn’t quite cleaned by my teenager who did the dishes last night. So, I place it by the sink to be rewashed, searched for a pan, laid out foil and bacon, placed it in the oven, put the food and water in Daisy’s bowel, and let her out to relieve herself. Then, I sprinted over to the speaker to announce to my amigos in my solider Dan voice, “Good Morning, wake up, wake up, wake up…. you have coop today. Everybody up…. handle your hygiene and come downstairs for breakfast.” After waking the crew, I proceed to completing pancakes, eggs, and chopping strawberries. My no limit soldiers finally drag down the stairs one-by-one nodding their heads to my oh so familiar questions, “Good Morning, did you brush your teeth? Wash your face? Put on lotion?”

After finally seeing my short people and tiny giant off to coop; I make my way back into my room to place on my sweat band, make up my bed, clean my room, and lay out my clothes for the 2:00 pm meeting I have. Then, being the brave woman I am, I head up the stairs to check out the children’s quarters in our home. Some of the smells that come from up there I am certain need to be controlled by the CDC. After picking up clothes, vacuuming floors, and sweeping both staircases, I am covered in sweat. Cardio Done. “I am an awesome mother,” I whisper to myself with a smile, while standing in the hero pose at the top of the stairs.

I walk into my office to check emails and see all I need to accomplish for the week. Most people look at a calendar for the day but I manage 5 corporations; I am a single mommy who has to schedule deep breathes so I can look at my calendar for the week.

I open my computer and the email notifications light up my screen like a Christmas tree. I then turn on my phone only to see my voicemail is full even though I just checked it yesterday at 4:00 pm.

Feeling extremely overwhelmed, I begin to utilize my coping techniques I have been taught over the years. I pull out a pad of paper and write on one side my TO DO LIST. On the other side, I write the UNIVERSE TO DO LIST. Thank you Jesus, the universe can handle the heavy.

The truth about entrepreneurship is simply the relentless decision to be all in. You must be all in with your business. All in with your dreams. All in, no matter what.

I own a pretty sizeable real estate portfolio valued at several million. I also own several optical stores, and last year we grossed collaboratively over 2.5 million.

My optical practice has also given over 7,000 free pairs of glasses to families who can’t afford them in Texas. I am a business consultant for 15 dedicated clients and my goal is to help at least 40 clients by the end of 2020.

I am sure you are thinking this girl’s resume is pretty impressive. It’s important you also know…. I still actively struggle with depression. I literally take it one day at a time.

I am a woman with a past that left me with the scars of a survivor of rape and molestation (separate occasions). I have more felonies than I have fingers, and although, I have been out of the court room for the past 10 years and 18 months; I was drug back into court for 8 civil lawsuits, that I can honestly say, I attracted with my past tendency to self-destruct due to not knowing my self-worth.

I didn’t do anything wrong. I simply allowed the law of attraction to operate against me costing me thousands of dollars in legal fees, and my character was previously being attacked.

I am excited for the day to be able to tell the whole story, but of course, legally right now…. I cannot.

You should also know despite being a millionaire, in order to save money, I still clean my 6,000 sq. ft house…. I count it as my cardio. I cook my own food feeding 3 boys. (I save $2,500 a month cooking). And seventy percent of the time, I drive myself around. Disclaimer—my schedule requires I have a driver some days.

I am 37 years old and I have just discovered how to STOP caring about what anyone else thinks about me. I just live and be ME! Either way, I AM DEDICATED TO BEING THE WEALTHIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD.

No explanation needed. I don’t apologize for having lofty goals and ambitions, and for this larger than Texas Personality. It is who I am…. the world needs me, and the world needs my businesses that are a direct reflection of me.

So, the TRUTH About Entrepreneurship is this…………. JUST DO IT (THIS IS NIKES—I DON’T OWN IT; DON’T WANT ANYMORE LAWSUITS).

    • In borrowing Nike’s phrase—Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT.
    • Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
    • All you need is already in you.
    • Success on every level comes with challenges. The moment you understand that the answer is always bigger than the problem; you won’t fear challenges you will welcome them.

I give step by step instructions on how to practically launch or maintain your career as a entrepreneur. I encourage you to get the training.

Have no more apologies for your desire and for your understanding…. you are called to be great.

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