Coronavirus: Things You Can Do to Get Through This New Normal

Written By: Debbie Stokes

The Coronavirus has come like a thief in the night seeking to devour all the people it can. It has been relentless, whether affecting people directly or indirectly.

It has been testing people’s sanity, faith, common sense, and strength.

The scary thing is that there is no vaccine or cure at the moment, and the government has been left to make decisions for its citizens all over the world, all because they knew most people wouldn’t listen or seriously heed the warnings.

Some people were listening and abiding by the everchanging rules, laws, and suggestions; however, some are still gathering in groups, flying out of the country, and vacationing… forcing the government to be their voice of reason.

Schools have closed. Trips have been cancelled; businesses have closed with some possibly being so impacted they may not open again. Events have been halted. The government has shutdown eat-in restaurant businesses limiting people to having only carryout or drive-thru access. All outside forms of entertainment (casinos, movies, bars, museums, concerts, theaters, etc.) have been halted. Malls have closed. Beauty, barber and nail shops have suspended service. Our transportation systems (ground, sea, and air) are affected. The stock market has plunged, and unemployment has skyrocketed to astronomical numbers because of this pandemic we are experiencing.

It is so serious people are being forced to work from home.

Everyone has been asked to practice safe distancing… 6-feet apart, and gatherings of no more than 10 people in an area.

All this is for the safety of people and the public against 2020’s global pandemic…the deadly Covid-19.

The magnitude of the crisis has each of us in a place we’ve never seen… experiencing fear, panic, and uncertainty.


It not only affects the elderly and people with underlying issues, it also affects young people. It does not discriminate.

I’m asking people to be mindful of their decisions to go where they want to go and do what they want to do. This crisis is really serious. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. You could become a transmitter with no symptons and unknowingly infect your loved ones or others. Let’s be responsible!

It’s important for us to make better choices.

With that said, how are you spending your time?

What are you doing to prevent from feeling stuck?

What are you doing to keep from going stir crazy?

With everyone on lockdown I have created a list of things we can do until we get our lives back.

It is our New Normal.

    • It’s the perfect time to do some soul-searching (Discover who you really are)
    • Re-evaluate your life and what you want
    • Increase your prayer life
    • Create new ideas and goals to cater to your life after Covid-19
    • Develop some “me” time in the middle of the chaos (ex: exercise, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, etc) Do things that cater to your mind, body, and spirit
    • Enjoy family activities and really be all in with your kids (play games, singing, dancing, coloring, cooking, challenges, contests, watch family movies, to name a few)
    • Spend time reconnecting with your spouse or significant other
    • Catch up on movies and shows you’ve missed from working so much
    • Write that book or start that blog you always wanted to start
    • Start a journal
    • Read a book
    • Through all the chaos, come up with a list of reasons why you’re grateful (You can do it!)
    • Do your spring cleaning
    • Paint or re-decorate your house or a room
    • Create a vision board
    • Stay positive
    • Develop new skills and enhance ones you already have
    • Practice building your confidence
    • Build your brand through social media
    • Make phone calls to family and friends
    • Check on your elderly neighbors and see how you can help
    • Take a stroll but remember… practice social distancing
    • Start that online business you thought about

It’s important to note how resilient God made us and that nothing last forever.

In fact, it’s in our darkest times when we will find out what we’re made of and who we are. Understanding that point, when we get through this crisis, we will emerge… Stronger. Wiser. Better.

In the meantime, now that you have been slowed down and your activities are halted, take time to smell the roses— while you hold on and wait for the storm to clear, so you can step out with a new prospective, new hope, and a new shining light.


Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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