Joel Gamble: Former NFL Player Tells How to Keep Your Children Positive and Safe

Article Written and Interview by: Debbie Stokes

The most precious jewels you have are your children. They come into the world dependent on you nurturing and molding them to be people of character, substance, and integrity.

Hopefully, they will one day grow into law-abiding, productive, and giving citizens who can stand strong in their beliefs, and who will exemplify positive actions and honor.

With that in mind, it really does matter what we feed them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

So, my question is… are you doing your part to give your child what he or she needs to make it in this demanding world?

It’s not about the quantity of time you spend with them, but the quality.

What impact are you having on the mind of your children?

Today, I introduce to you Joel Gamble. He is a former NFL player who uses his life, funds, and time to be a positive influence in children’s lives. He and his organization, The Joel Gamble Foundation, are driven to make a difference. Their mission is to help children believe in themselves, get good grades, and to have success on the field and in life.

They provide, training, mentoring, homework help, free camp, college readiness, and a host of other programs and scholarships.

Joel’s extensive experience comes from working with kids in the juvenile prison system and in residential treatment facilities. In addition, he is now a special education teacher where he brings his compassion for helping children to the classroom.

Listen along as Joel gives you advice about keeping your children positive and safe.

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CLICK LINK for Book Information: The Little Gladiator

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