Comedian Carla Simpson Brings Laughter in the Middle of the Covid-19 Crisis

Article & Interview by: Debbie Stokes

During these times of family lockdowns, social distancing, and executive orders being placed on its residences by city, state, and the federal government due to the coronavirus pandemic; people are finding ways to be creative. They are experiencing self-discovery, shifting prospectives, rediscovering family, implanting themselves in their faith, and holding onto the power of prayer.

As they find themselves looking for light to help drown out the darkness, some have turned to social media like never before to help pass time and share light with others. Everyone from the “regular Joe Public” to celebrities are finding ways to connect to people with the intent to spread joy outside their homes—contributing everything from singing, dancing, and holding livestreams, to sharing helpful information. So many are using this time to bring value to others.

In my effort to contribute to the light, I wanted to bring you some calm in the midst of so much confusion. With that said, I introduce you to a comedian who regularly brings laughter and joy to people. It is my hope you will enjoy her interview.

Meet comedian Carla Simpson (aka) “Crazy Carla,” as she brings you a smile and laughter. Please stay safe and be blessed!

Carla has been doing standup comedy for 10 years and acting for almost five years. She lives in Winston-Salem, NC. She loves performing, whether it be comedy, acting, or the spoken word. She has been featured in the following projects: the YouTube series – The Great Come Up, the YouTube movies: The Cure for Kyle and Christmas with the McKinneys, the stage play – Her Story His Truth – for which she won the Actress of the Year award portraying first lady Gloria Jones. She has also starred as Renee, the leading lady of the front pew abuse.

In addition, Carla played in the stage play – A Couple of Forevers…or Not – a James Lyons Production, and most recently, she played in – Touch: A Shock Opera. 

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Facebook: Carla Simpson

Instagram: Aahfro101

Twitter: Aahfro10

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