Diabetes: What You Need to Know (A Video Interview)

Do you have diabetes and don’t know it?

According to a report on the American Diabetes Association website, 1 in 3 U.S. adults 20 years or older have prediabetes (88 million), and 1 in 10 Americans 20 years and older already have diabetes (34.2 million).

These statistics are alarming.

With diabetes being so prevalent, it’s important to learn all we can about the disease to help prevent you from becoming a statistic.

Meet my guest, Gwendolyn Woody. She a nurse and a diabetes wellness coach who will talk to you about all things diabetes, and about the importance of taking care of yourself to prevent from becoming a diabetic. Additonally, if you are diabetic, she will talk to you about how to live healthier as a diabetic.

Article Written & Interview By: Debbie Stokes 

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