5 Things You Can Do to Focus

Have you ever been afraid to do something?

For whatever reason, the very thought of doing that “one” thing had you shaking in your boots with your heart racing, and your nerves… uncontrollable.

So much so, you let that fear overtake you and it won.

Well that’s what happened with me and this blog.

Let me explain, the thought of me doing this blog started years before I actually started it, but fear kept me from it.

For a long time, I would read other people’s blogs, and admire the author for being able to write what was on their mind or in their heart. I admired how their words were able to impact people who read them, in such a way, it could cause them to transform or be inspired.

It caused me to say to myself, “You can do it too.”

But after continuing to read blogs, my thoughts had a shift, reality would set in, and I would let my ideas and desire to do it go out the window because I questioned whether I could.

You see, secretly there was a fight going on within me. A battle of what I wanted and could do, versus whether I was good enough and had what it took.

As you can guess… fear won, and I suffered in silence.

I was afraid to let people know I felt defeated. I was afraid of being judged.

Let’s be real, we judge each other all the time… the way other people do things, and they judge the way we do things.

On one hand, when we are judging others, we find ourselves looking for their problems instead of recognizing their accomplishments.

On the other hand, when we are being judged, oftentimes it impacts the moves we make because the truth is (in our minds) … other people’s opinions matter.

However, despite feeling fear and caring about what others thought, I made the decision to go for it, especially if it was something God gave me.

Once I made that decision, I stepped out on faith. Hence, 3 Women Voices was born. Of course, I still worried about how I would be received. Whether I could impact people like other blogs impacted me.

That thinking was a result of me comparing myself to others. Throughout our lives we compare ourselves to others and people do the same to us. It’s unfortunate that “comparing” has stopped many people in their tracks… from fulfilling their dreams because of their fears.

Fear of not being good enough. Fear of the unknown. Fear of people not liking you.

So, for me, I’m not going to compare myself to others. I’m going to keep my focus on what I’m doing, where I’m going, and stay focused on following my passion to touch the lives of those who need it.

What I know for sure is the right words will find the right ears and a connection will be formed… and change, inspiration, or knowledge will be gained. That’s what I live for… to make a difference.

That said, I have come up with 5 things you can do to stay focused. These things really help me.

1) Trust the power within you – this is key to you being able to effectively do what you want to do. You must believe in the power you possess. Remember this: Belief ignites power, power ignites action, and action brings focus which ignites results. So, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, really tap into what you bring to the table; then bring it.

2) Let your gift lead you to your passion – Every one of us is born with a gift, some are obvious and can be seen by the things we do and share with the world (singing, dancing, art, music, etc.). Others are sheltered inside of us and need our input to bring them to light. The problem with this point is some don’t know what their gift is. It takes years, events, or self-discovery for us to find out what they are. This can happen earlier in our lives or later in our lives. No matter when it happens, it’s important for us to recognize the gift. The sooner we recognize it, the sooner we can nourish and groom it. Then, when your gift becomes your passion, and the passion is impregnated with purpose, these two bring focus to you creating a life of fulfillment and joy. Don’t leave this earth without tapping into your gifts.

Now, there are some who will never reach the point of tapping into their gifts, not because they don’t have any but because they choose not to. For you, I urge you to tap into your gifts and really seek them out. When you do you will discover that’s where your true happiness lies.

3) Transform your passion to your purpose – Passion is such a strong word. Think about it, when you have passion for something, you hunger for it. You crave it. And we all know, when you are hungry or really crave something, you have to have it… no matter what. What would happen if you acted upon your passion in life? How different would your live be? Whose lives would you impact? Hmm… interesting questions.

I challenge you to really delve deep and focus on your passion. When you do and walk into it, you will witness a powerful transformation in your life. When you walk in passion, it yields a life of possibilities.

4) Live with focused intention – If nothing else, your focused intention drives you. It commands certain responses or actions that keep you moving in the right direction. Without a focused intention, what is the point of you doing “it” in the first place. Doing something without a reason is senseless. I believe everything we do in life has a purpose or a reason. Therefore, in my opinion, the quicker we get to that reason, the quicker we can discover our purpose. So, I encourage you to get to know, understand, and remember your why.

When you live a life of intention or do things with intention, it helps to direct you on a path of self-fulfillment. Ultimately, that’s what we all seek… self-fulfillment.

5) Trust God – Without a doubt, this should be at the base of everything we do. God is our solid ground when things are sinking all around us. He is the light shining through our impeding darkness. He is the breath breathing life into us. It is imperative we hold on to our faith and believe that with God as the captain, everything will work out. Of course, in His time His way.

But make no mistake about it, if He led you to it, He will lead you through it. He will open doors no one can close. He will be your provider and give you what you need to make the journey. And just know, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Isaiah 54:17

So, trust God with your whole heart and know “what’s for you is for you.”

When you can stand on that truth, you’re half way there.

I know without a shadow of a doubt since He led me to it (this blog), in His time, my breakthrough is coming. That’s why I stay obedient. Thank you, God!

So, I say to you to trust God for what you want, stay focused, and don’t waver on your faith, and in His time, it shall be yours.

Article Written by: Debbie Stokes

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