Don’t Let Comparing Yourself Kill Your Dreams (A Video Interview)

Have you ever second-guessed yourself because you were comparing yourself to someone else?

What thoughts went through your head?

Did it almost make you want to quit?

I know there are many of us who find ourselves comparing what we do and if it’s as good as what someone else is doing in the same field.

Don’t worry, it’s common to compare.

When I was about to start my blog, I did that exact thing until a calming came over me. I always say it was God’s voice. I heard, “I didn’t tell you to look at the distractions, now start.”

But you have to understand me to understand my plight. I was nervous. I felt unprepared. I had no one to guide me. In other words, it was like I was lost in an unfamiliar house with all the lights turned off, and I had to find my way.

The question I asked myself, what do I do?

What else? Do what I love—write. Besides, I had to listen to God’s voice, trust Him, and move forward.

Well, here I am—listening to God’s voice.

The moment I said “yes” to God and me. Things started happening and working out. My confidence started growing and I am loving it.

But just think what would have happened if I had continuously compared myself to others. I wonder if I would be writing this right now—in my blog for you. Probably not.

Comparison is such a problem for a lot of people. It is for that reason I have invited actress, poetess, and playwright – Nakesha Writes to talk to you about why comparison can be a dream killer.


Nakesha Writes – is a poetess, playwright, songwriter, actress, and author. She has been performing her poetry since 2008. She is a published author with four books currently available. “Keeping It Real Vol.1 and Vol. 2,” and “Heartbeats Exposed” which has a CD, and “What Fairytale?” which also has a CD available. Nakesha was a contributing writer to the stage plays February Once Again, and A meeting In Morocco.

She has had the opportunity to perform at several schools including Elon University, Bennet College, Davidson Community College and Harrison Middle school. She has been an opening act for the Buddy Wakefield show, and also a featured artist for several poetry showcases.

Nakesha has taken her talent to a whole new level. She has been a part of several stage plays. Her Story His Truth, Welcome Home Uncle Silky, February Once Again, If It Doesn’t Kill Me, Sight Chronicles, How We Got On, Bound To Be Free, Black Majestic, and For Colored Girls, just to name a few. She has also starred in the movie, “Find My Way” and the screenplay, “Happy Misery.”

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Article Written and Interview by Debbie Stokes

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