Women Over 40: Why You are the True Army of Change

What are the greatest lessons you’ve learned as you have matured?

What are some things you wish you would’ve told your younger self?

I remember when I turned 40 years old like it was yesterday. I remember I went to sleep at 39 years old and woke up 40 years old and it seemed like things had Changed. I now had to read with my head back and hold whatever I was reading faraway.

Nobody told me to expect that. (laughing now)

As time went on there was more change, I remember my body shifting… my butt got smaller and my stomach got bigger. (laughing but not funny) No black girl wants a small butt.

But then I remember getting wiser. I started to appreciate I was “Woman” in all of her glory, a victorious woman. I realized my outer appearance had nothing on my inner beauty, inner peace, my wisdom, or my ability to enjoy who I was.

I embraced the woman I had become.

Like Helen Reddy sang, “I Am Women Hear Me Roar,” I stepped into new beginnings in my second half of life … not overcome by vulnerabilities but full of power.

I had become a strong, determined woman whose primary focus was to LIVE, Learn, and Grow.

Here I am now in all of my promises… moving towards the woman I am destined to be.

It is my hope as women step into the promises of God that they never forget to Live, Learn, Grow, and GLOW.

With that said, I have invited Susan Axelrod to talk to you about the power you possess in the second half of your life, and why you are the true army of change.

Susan Axelrod – is an author, speaker, coach, and broadcast personality. She is a sherpa for women guiding them over life’s treacherous terrain. With humor and wisdom gained from decades of self-exploration, she enthralls audiences with her authentic revelation. Susan connects on a deeply human level helping every person get to “okay,” her base teaching for living a calm and joyful life.

Susan’s Contact Info:

Website: WhatWillYourLegacyBe.com

Facebook: What will your legacy be [ FREE tips and resources given daily @ 5 pm eastern time]

Her Books:


https://amzn.to/2AdBQ0E                    https://amzn.to/2XqQoC0

Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes

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2 thoughts on “Women Over 40: Why You are the True Army of Change”

  1. This resonates with me. I am a few years shy of 40, but i must say when i turned 35, it was the turning point in my life. Everything that I had envisioned and planned for knowingly and unknowingly started to slowly fall into place. Including having the full awareness that, this is the moment I must raise and live purposefully! I wonder what 40 has in store for me!

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    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for commenting! I’m so glad you connected with it and that your life started falling into alignment after 35. That is truly a blessing. I know your after 40 will be amazing as you live your life purposefully. I wish you the best!



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