How to Transform Your Body with Food and Exercise

So many women’s wish is to transform their bodies like when they were in their 20’s or 30’s. It was during those times when they felt better and were healthier.

I can identify with that.

All we want is to get to a place with our health and body where:

    • We can make it up a flight of steps without getting winded
    • We can wear sexier clothes and not have to camouflage our problem areas
    • We won’t be bombarded with health issues that limit us

Wouldn’t that be nice?

I know when you think about losing weight and getting healthy, and you look at all the different diets and weight plans available, it can be overwhelming.

You have probably tried many and they didn’t work.

You perhaps questioned when will one work for you?

I know you are tired of struggling. Tired of hoping. Tired of crying.

Well, the key to being successful with transforming your body comes first with transforming your mind, followed by disciplined actions through food and exercise helping you to create the body you desire.

My guest, Jonene Ford… a nutritionist and fitness coach, is here to tell you how it can be done safely. Be sure to take notes because she gives amazing information to help you transform your body and health, once and for all.


Jonene Ford started her professional career as a public school educator where she taught about nutrition, food science, health and wellness, and personal development. She later followed her passion for fitness participating in boot camps, fitness challenges, and races. She also began lifting heavy weights and became an active bikini-division bodybuilding competitor. Because of her passion for fitness, she decided to pursue fitness training credentials so she could help others become more physically fit.

In 2017, Jonene made the transition from the classroom into private practice. She has since been working in the field of nutrition as a nutrition and health coach, fitness nutrition specialist and coach, and a sports nutrition practitioner.

She has helped everyone from the everyday woman gain personal health and fitness satisfaction, to helping both amateur and professional athletes reach peak performance through research-based nutritional protocols and training programs.

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Article Written and Interview by: Debbie Stokes

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