How to Get and Maintain Healthy Hair

How would you feel if you lost your hair suddenly and without warning?

For so many women, hair is their prized possession. Their crowning glory.

In the black community, especially, women are serious about it. You hear things like, “Don’t touch my hair (not even their significant other). Lol. I can’t go swimming because my hair can’t get wet. I can’t exercise because I don’t want my hair to sweat out.” And the list goes on.

But what happens when you find your hair in an altered state?

What happens when you start to lose hair, have massive breakage, or get bald spots from the things you subject your hair to? You know what I’m talking about, things like: weaves, perms, relaxers, color, braids, wigs, excessive heat, hats, harsh chemicals, and abuse with accessories.

Then of course, there are the things out of your control like menopause, illnesses that lead to hair loss, and alopecia after pregnancy.

What do you do?

Not to worry, I had an interviewed with Trichologist Precious Rutlin—a damage hair expert, to talk to you about hair damage and how to prevent hair loss. She will also inform you about the dos and don’ts to get and maintain healthy hair.

Precious Rutlin, Trichologist, BCHHP, HWC, CAHP. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, a certified hair replacement specialist, a certified sew-in specialist, a certified natural hair culturist, an author, and a speaker.

She was once 60 pounds overweight, had hypertension, pre-diabetes, stress issues, and suffered from depression and hair loss. Being able to overcome each of those physical and emotional ailments affirmed to her that she was more than capable of teaching and empowering the emotionally wounded through hair health.

Seeing her client’s hair journeys, emotional transformations, and new lifestyle changes while being in her care is the best gratification in the world. They go from broken unhealthy hair, poor nutrition, and physical ailments to long beautiful strands, clear about the nutrition that is best for their bodies, and being emotionally healed from within.

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