How to Find Your Light in the Dark

Quite often, I am asked, “How did you find your light in the dark?” And honestly for a long time, it was not a question that I was able to answer. A shoulder shrug and a smile with tears in my eyes is all I could give.

When we are weathering our storms, we prefer not to think about the race so much as we do the finish line. We think about how hard we are being hit versus the reasons why. I have weathered my fair share of storms to know the processes of survival are almost always the same. And it is because of my survival, I’m able to share with you a few key components that have allowed me to navigate through the darkness.


Being mindful of your exact standpoint makes the difference of how you will enable your own healing and cope with your current emotional state of mind. Understand that changing from one circumstance to another does not negate the fact that your original state of mind still needs emotional repair. Simply, changing moods to suit your environment or situation does not work. Go back and deal with you and the issue(s) of that moment. Define your own character before anyone else has an opportunity to tell YOU who YOU are.


Be clear and with FULL comprehension that in order to move forward, no matter how many other parties are involved, you MUST forgive yourself, first.

Too often, we beat down on ourselves for choices we have made, that unfortunately, did not turn out to be in our best interest. However, when we reach a level of insanity repeating the same mistakes, and wholeheartedly, believing we will receive different results, the emotional abuse we inflict on ourselves and others, guilty or not, becomes catastrophic. Forgive yourself. Forgive them so you can step into your healing.


Your journey to healing will NOT be as easy as you think it will be. Please permit me to be completely clear and transparent with some tough love and raw truth! It is not strategic distractions or to numb the necessary emotions you need to feel in order to decipher through changes needing to be made. Perseverance is continuing to push through when you want to give up. It is showering, getting dressed (in real clothes) and having a nutritious breakfast when you really want to lay around and have a smorgasbord of cookies, cakes and ice cream (No judgement, lol). Weathering your storm WILL be difficult. It WILL be confusing. Some days more than others. Yet, what keeps you grounded is what will keep you going. Your why(s) is your perseverance.


I have learned that not handling things and expecting them to go away on their own are signs of mental, emotional, and spiritual weakness. True internal warfare. My “idea” of keeping the peace or not stirring the pot for anyone to be upset with me, I found, is a traumatic response reflex. When we do this, we disregard and disable our strength. Counteract this by setting your boundaries. In setting your boundaries, make the connection between what you will and what you will NOT tolerate from others, as well as, yourself. Cementing these boundaries and forming the connections then aides in your confidence. And what confidence can you have without strength? Right!

Monitor how you speak about yourself and eliminate social comparisons. The next person’s storm is not the same as yours. Speak your truth and BELIEVE, manifest that you are your own version of perfection. Uniquely and authentically made. A perfectly flawed diamond being pressurized and customized. Crafted in the squall and turmoil of your life. Look at the beauty in the aftermath. Just as fine and beautiful as you’ve been polished to be on the outside, is just as fine and beautiful as you’re healing on the inside.

After implementing these few key components and others within my own life’s expeditions, I now am able to provide an honest answer to how I’ve found my light in the dark. My answer… I AM the light!!!

Peace & Blessings

How did you find your light in the dark? Please leave your comments below!  

⇒⇒ Article Written by Guest Writer:  Micaela L. Thomas

Micaela L. Thomas is a wife and mother and co-captain of a large blended family. She parents 6 biological children, 4 stepchildren, and 1 bonus child with her husband, Kendrick.

She has always had a knack for writing, whether it was poetry, plays, songs, books or short stories; she was always able to utilize her imagination to keep her centered from the internal turmoil that brewed within.

Micaela’s life story has been kept secret until now. She has decided to share her journey in a book (soon to be released) for the encouragement and betterment of others who may be suffering in silence. It is her hope to assist in being an advocate for the intentional healing of others through her own journey of self-awareness and manifestation.

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