The Best Financial Plan Hidden in Plain Sight

…And Elohim (GOD) said in Genesis 1:29, “Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

In the beginning, we were given a diet to follow. However, our pallets have evolved and man has turned to animals, fish, and crustaceans as meat. Understanding where we began to where we are now is very important. As we age, more of us are beginning to laser focus on our mental, physical, and financial health. As we continue to see a rise in the U.S. every year, in the cases of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and pneumonia; we know our diets play a huge role. Heart disease is the number one killer for all Americans, and strokes are the leading cause of death according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

High blood pressure and diabetes are common conditions that increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Let’s face it, we love to eat all different types of foods. We mingle with friends over a delicious meal and take adventures with our families to enjoy exotic or new meals. It’s a part of socializing. For most of us, it’s also comfort foods that make our day. As we live vicariously through foods, adventures, and expect to live long healthy lives, we must ensure we are protecting ourselves for the what ifs.

How can we provide a piece of mind financially if we were to unexpectedly fall ill or worst die unexpectedly? Most people purchase a small amount of life insurance at the job or opt-in to their company’s supplemental supplier of benefits. In this case, most are unaware that when you leave, lose, or retire from that job, you will lose your benefits. Most people don’t think that far in advance, until it’s too late. Just this year in 2020, more than 36 million Americans lost their jobs. How many of these people do you think had underlying health conditions? How many do you
think were in perfect health? Life insurance applications increased to record highs in 2020 and are climbing. The media is calling it “panic shopping” instead of “preparation shopping” because of the vast majority of applications at one time. I agree! You absolutely should purchase life insurance in addition to what your job offers; not just any life insurance—Living Benefits Insurance. You don’t have to die to use it.

Haven’t heard of it yet? In 2008, Living Benefits was created by a mutually owned life insurance company that has been around for at least 172 years. They believe people should be able to use their life insurance while they are living and not just in death. This new concept has allowed individuals, businesses, charities, etc., to design a plan that will provide a death benefit to the beneficiary of their choice, and that will allow them to take a cash advance from the death benefit at NO COST. Living Benefits can be accessed when one is diagnosed with a terminal illness or critical illness like: cancer, heart attack, stroke, or chronic illnesses if they are unable to perform some daily activities on their own due to a temporary or permanent disability. This provides an income stream you don’t have to pay back, all while building interest from the premium you pay that will be secured in a long term savings account with stock like returns, and with NO RISK OF LOSS. At retirement age 60 and beyond, this plan can be designed to
pay a guaranteed income to you yearly for the rest of your life. Too good to be true you say!

Just because you’ve never heard of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many people are using this concept to protect their income, provide long term tax-free savings, and to protect their families or businesses from an unexpected illness or death. Having the right knowledge and an understanding of how to make your money work for you, and having a piece of mind at the same time, is the beginning of building a strong financial foundation, or securing the one you have built. Our ancestors 20 years ago and beyond had opportunities for pensions and employer sponsored programs that are almost nonexistent today. What worked then does not work in modern times, so we must adapt and find new ways to survive and thrive. These living life plans allow you to create a full protection strategy of your own, while creating income you cannot outlive simultaneously. Who knew Living life insurance could do so much?

After you understand and design a plan that fits your goals and vision for the future, it is very important to have access to a lawyer, so you can establish a Last Will and Testament. It’s never too early to think about these things. The most important times to implement one is when you start to acquire assets, whether tangible or intangible, have children, and have a spouse or an inheritance. Having a Will gives directives, and one of the most affordable places is monthly plans made available by brokers who are affiliated with a life insurance agent. Without directives in place, you leave your estate open to taxation and loss. In addition, you are susceptible to family feuds, dishonoring of your wishes, and legal battles. I have seen many families and businesses in my almost 10 years in the life insurance industry be torn apart without a Will. Early preparation is key to foundation building.

As we navigate this new normal or increasing news of sickness, deaths of our loved ones, and progression or failure in business, it’s important to take care of yourself first by paying attention and preparing for the expected and unexpected.

Now more than ever, we see the control of America being shifted to the government and the media. They control when the world opens and shuts down, as we have seen this year. They control taxation of our money, and they even in most cases, control our ability to function as business owners. There are loopholes to controlling your financial future. You just need to sit down with someone who knows how to use the tax codes within limitations, how to pass generational wealth, and how to create your own guaranteed stream of income without relying on the diminishing
Social Security Fund.

Stay Woke! Let’s have a conversation.

As author Dean Del Soto, in the book Shift Your Thinking says, “We don’t have a health care problem in this world as much as a care for our health problem. Our life depends on good health, but our health depends on us.” For financial wellness, the first step to sustaining it, is to talk to a financial professional licensed in life insurance about positioning and goal setting, so they can help you design a strategy to fit the vision. In today’s society, the pressure of eating
more healthy and growing our own food is becoming more evident, and will be a longer term strategy to cleaner eating; however, we must prepare for the expected and unexpected.

I pray this article finds you well, and that you are encouraged to seek more effective options to help you prepare and protect what’s most important to you. I represent a team of individuals who are ready to discuss and educate you with options on how to achieve your financial goals by designing a strategy that fits you or your business.

Be blessed!


Mercedes Coates is a senior independent financial broker with over 9 years of industry experience. She is a mother of boys and a wife who has always had a passion for learning how to win the money game. She is a graduate of Howard University, and an educator at heart.
Mercedes is also a partner with Premier Financial Alliance Brokerage, and is licensed in many states in life insurance, health & accident insurance, and annuities. She is also a partner with Legal Shield as a senior director, helping families and business owners have access to a lawyer and their services 24/7.

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