From Hatred to Hope: How She Made It Through and You Can Too

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I complaining for?

You probably have at some point in your life.

I’m a firm believer there is always someone worse off than me. With that in mind, I have changed my mindset to being grateful that what I went through didn’t kill me, break me. or make me lose my mind.

Think about it, in life we experience many tests, some are meant for us and we also learn lessons from people’s test around us. No matter what the experiences are, we hope the lessons will teach us to become stronger, increase our faith, and compel our WILL to fight and overcome.

My latest interview is just that type of story. Her faith was truly tested. She was sexually abused, bullied, victimized about the color of her skin, suffered with many health concerns, and had infertility issues. She was knocked down time after time… to the point of wanting to give up on life. And yes, she almost lost hope and gave up. Yet, she prevailed and stood firm because her faith opened the door for God’s divine intervention. Just like JOB in the bible, no matter what experiences he went through, he never lost faith.

How many of you will hold on to your faith no matter how bad things get?

Are you a fighter?

Meet my guest, La-Anna Douglas. She is a woman who didn’t let her struggles and pain take her life. She fought back with her faith. La-Anna used God as her anchor to push through, and she will share her story of how she went from hatred to hope. She will also give you tips to help you keep pushing through the storms and hurdles in your life.

As you listen to her, be inspired and gain an understanding of why she uses her story to convey, “Hope still stands.”

La-Anna Douglas is a published model and writer, a sexual abuse survivor, and a mentor who uses her life’s story to inspire others to never lose hope. She is an overcomer who is now a loving wife and a mother to her miracle daughter. In addition, she has appeared in several publications and walked the runway in several fashion shows. La-Anna does not let her past dictate her future. She continues to strive to make a difference in any way she can.

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