A Regal Lady: Live the Life You Deserve

Do you find it hard to live the life you deserve amid all of life’s noise, sometimes losing who you are in the process?

I’m not surprised if you find it hard because it really takes discipline and desire to live the life you deserve. In fact, you need discipline and desire in order to not neglect YOU. With that said, you have to first recognize you need to love and take care of yourself, and then, that you deserve to live the life you want.

When I think back to my younger years, self-care and self-love had always come at a distant last for me because I put everything else first. I was a people pleaser for most of my life since I never wanted anybody upset with me, especially because of something I didn’t do for them, within reason. It was always my mission to keep people happy.

After that mindset for so long and feeling empty, one day I woke up. I realized in life we become a pond to others because we allow ourselves to fall into that trap. I reflected on my life and it hit me, one of the reasons why I felt empty was because I was living a pond’ s life…. manipulated and controlled by people who used me for their own selfish gain. I chose acceptance over taking care of me and putting myself first, which left me open for the manipulation.

What a life you say?

Tell me about it. But oh, when I woke up, everything changed. I realized how valuable my time, my life, and my hopes and dreams were. I told myself I deserved better, so I set out to live better mentally and emotionally, and within my wants and desires. Boy oh boy, did I learn to put myself first. Self-love became my armor and NO became my shield. It took a long while, but I got here.

As of today, I pick and choose when I say YES, and to whom I say it to, with no reservations or regrets. I’ve learned to matter to myself, trust myself, and to live in my truth… treating myself with love, respect, and honor. The truth is I am who I am unconditionally and I make no apologies for being that woman… ME. Self-care, self-love, and setting boundaries taught me that. Although, I still struggle some with fully committing to being about myself when it comes to pampering me, I have learned to be okay with that. And now, I’m so much happier living in my truth.

Sit back and listen to The Regal Lady, Tasha Butler, as she breaks down everything from reaching your goals, getting social media engagement, living your truth, to practicing self-care, as you learn to Be you, Do you, For you.

Tasha Butler is a blogger, podcaster, content creator, and influencer for any millennial woman on the move. Tasha’s intention is for women to read her blog, scroll through her feed, and to listen to her podcast feeling inspired to be you, do you, for you. She is also a wife and a women following her dreams, and on a mission to live her best life.

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