Women and Prison: You Are Not Your Past

If you could turn the mirror on yourself to reflect your past to the world, what would we see? Are you a prisoner of your past? How would your truth be revealed?

In life, women use props to cover the things we don’t want to reveal. The clothes help to mask our body scars. The hats help to cover our hidden thoughts, and the lip stick masked with a smile helps to cover the pain in our voice. We learn to mask our stories in order to create better stories.

Yet, the one thing that cannot be taken away or masked is the memory. The memory of our past and the memory of our pain. But the good thing is that we can live a meaningful life anyway.

The way we choose to live our lives, and how our past impacts us is based on our mindset and beliefs.

If you believe you are an overcomer and you do what’s necessary to walk in power instead of defeat, then you have essentially used your past as a stepping stone to something greater in your present and future.

However, if you struggle with letting go of your past, then you have chosen to be a prisoner of your memory. In this case, it can manipulate you whenever it decides to in your relationships, your job; and as a mother, a wife, and a friend. With that said, the course you take on your journey is in direct response to your decision to hold onto or let go of your past.

Have you let your past go or are you still holding onto to it?

Your answer to this question determines the quality of life you are living right now.

If I can give you one piece of advice to help you, it’s to remember, “You are not your past.” That was then, you are in the now. Let it go, so you can transition into a life of purpose. If anything, let your past parachute you into new beginnings and new promise. I’m not saying you have to ever forget it; I’m just saying let it go so you can move on, and use the energy of that memory to propel you to something better and more meaningful in your life. Look at it like this, after all you’ve gone through, you owe it to yourself to find renewed strength and happiness.

My guest Alicia Williams, knows exactly what I’m talking about. She was living a vibrant, prosperous life before she ended up in prison; but she didn’t let imprisonment destroy her positive mindset and purpose. She did her time and is now on a mission to win despite her past. Alicia has chosen to not let her past define her.

On one hand, she understands she made a mistake. On the other hand, she wants you to know that she paid the price and learned her lessons. And she hopes you won’t judge her by her past, but by the woman she is today—stronger, wiser, and better. With that said, listen as she shares great information to help you get pass your past.

Alicia Williams is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and former inmate of the FBOP, also known as the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Most importantly, she is a child of God. Being 50369-177 is who she was, not who she is today. Growing up, she spent an equal amount of time with her mom in Dallas, TX and her grandmother in Terrell, TX. The experiences in both worlds allowed her the ability to straddle the fence, which all played a role in helping her to survive the 24 months of her federal prison sentence. She went to prison as a “white collar convict” for aggravated identity theft—due to tax preparation. During her incarceration, she had time to reflect on the woman she was, the woman she became, and the woman she wanted to be when she was released back into the “free world.”

During her time in prison, Alicia came up with the idea, along with a few other inmates, to start a t-shirt line displaying quotes about the problems prisoners go through. Hence, her new business was born called, #PrisonProblems, a custom t-shirt and coffee mug line. With all of her business expertise, she is working on other projects to put her on the path to her purpose, as she shares her story to impact other women’s lives.

Her Contact Information:

Website: Prisonproblems.com

Facebook: Prison Problems

Instagram: @prisonproblems

 Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes (Writer, Editor & Publisher)

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