Trinity Sierra Talks How to Grow on Social Media and About Love

There are people who strive to become an influencer, or have a desire to grow on social media for their business or brand.

They will put their heart and soul into growing their business or brand, so it can be recognized. In addition, they will devise a way to effectively reach their goals with the intent on being successful.

For the business owner or brand, it’s about making the right connections, and getting people to believe in you enough to buy your product or service. Yet, for the influencer, it’s about being able to influence the opinions of others. But social media for the influencer is tricky. At times, some choose a path they take alone… full of the pitfalls and traps the attention from a large following can bring. However, my guest has done it the right way. She showcases the love she and her husband share, the love they both share for their children, and her authenticity as a wife, a mother, and a woman. Her intention was to always touch the hearts of her followers, which has culminated into her growth of over 50,000 followers. While at the same time, because of her growth, she has garnered the attention of brands. She and her husband keep it going because the family way is God-seeded, God-watered, and God-grown.

With that said, I have invited Influencer Trinity Sierra to discuss family love, how to grow on social media, and how to get recognized by brands. She also shares successful tips about marriage.

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 Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes (Writer, Editor & Publisher)

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