8 Ways to Stay True to Who You Are

Believe it or not, many women find it hard to stay true to who they are. The reasons can vary. First, It can be due to other people inflicting their thoughts, ideals, and opinions with the intent to direct or disrupt our paths. Secondly, it can be because of the lack of confidence we possess. Lastly, it can be due to a job or situation that hinders our life’s course or purpose. But for the most part, it’s because we as women have to wear many hats. We become a real life chameleon…always changing for our kids, our spouse or significant other, our parents, a job, a friend, or some other outside entity. In doing for so many, it makes sense that we could easily shift from who we are to who everyone needs us to be.

However, the most important point is that so many women probably struggle with knowing who they really are. I bet if you asked the women around you who they are, you would hear things like: I’m a strong woman, I’m a blessed woman, I’m a child of God, or things on those lines—but not answers explaining the very essence of who they really are.

Today, I present to you Crystal Little. She is going to share with you why it’s important to love yourself, how you can live a more empowered life, and ways you can stay true to who you are.

Crystal Little is the Founder of Authentic Life by Crystal. She loves encouraging and inspiring women to be their best selves and helping them to unlock their highest potential. She believes all women have the power to create a high-vibrating life that is exciting, prosperous, joyful, abundant, and in total alignment with their authentic nature and who they truly are. Crystal’s vision for Authentic Life by Crystal is to cultivate and nurture a community of women that believe in themselves, and who realize their divine beauty and value, so they can lead the next generation of women into greatness.

3WV: Tell us a little about you. Who is Crystal Little? How did you get into empowering women?

Crystal: First off, I want to thank you so much Debbie for featuring me on your blog. I am very grateful for the opportunity. I am a woman who has gone through many challenges, disappointments, and hardships in my life. I have overcome many obstacles and tests, and through it all I’ve learned to turn my pain and disappointment into triumph, so I could come out a better and more compassionate person.

Within the last year, I’ve gone through a lot. I left a relationship that wasn’t right for me. I was homeless living out of a motel room with my two children, and I’ve lost a lot of relationships with my family. When I left my last relationship, I had nothing but the clothes on my back. My two children and I moved back to Georgia to live with my mother so I could start a new life.

And there I was feeling like a total loser—a 35 year old grown ass woman starting my life completely over again. I had no money, no job, no car, and no dignity. But, I decided to follow my own truth and do what was right for me—even though most people would have called me crazy for leaving a marriage where I was financially provided for, and got to be a stay at home mom. When I moved in with my mother, things weren’t the sweetest. We don’t have the best relationship. After a fight with my siblings, I was forced to move out of my mother’s house. The night I left—all I had was a Lyft car, my children, and my clothes.

We moved into a motel, and I remember feeling hopeless. I was desperate for a miracle and wanted to do right by my children. Even though on the surface, all I had was a motel room and a Lyft car that I was renting while looking for a job. There was something inside of me that still knew I was on the right path for me; even though it didn’t look anything like it on the outside. I didn’t have any family to help me, or check on me to see if me and my kids were ok. I didn’t have any friends. All I had was me. And it was through that experience that I learned just how strong I was, so I began to walk in my true power.

I remember thinking to myself, if I can go through this, there is truly nothing I cannot do. I believe I was reborn in that motel room and through all that pain. This is when I began to learn who I truly was. I learned that I am a woman that is powerful, beautiful, and capable of overcoming any challenges in life. As I traveled further down my spiritual journey, I gained this need to empower others so they could learn who they truly are. I wanted to tell them that they are valuable and worthy of love and good treatment, and that they can create the type of life for themselves where they are happy, joyful, fulfilled, and full of light.

3WV: Why is it important for a woman to know and understand who she is?

Crystal: It is important for a woman to know and understand who she is because whoever she thinks she is, that is the type of life she will create for herself. For example, I tolerated a lot of shitty things and relationships, and shitty treatment when I shouldn’t have because I did not know who I was. I did not know that I was special, or rare, or beautiful, or one with God. And because I did not know this, I didn’t ensure the people around me knew this as well. As a woman, when you are walking in your divine true power and uniqueness, you create relationships with others and experiences which reflect that. Whatever you believe about yourself you become. And whatever you become, your life will embody those thoughts. So put simply, love yourself and you will love your life.

3WV: What are some big mistakes you think women make when trying to stay authentic to themselves? 

Crystal: I think women often focus too much on what others think they should be. I think women think too much about what society says they should be. For example, a woman may become a nurse because it runs in the family, not because being a nurse is her calling within her soul. She may get married at a certain age to the wrong man, not because she truly wants to but because society says a woman should be married by the time she’s 35. When we do this as women, we don’t follow our own God-given instincts that lead to our own path. We make mistakes, and end up living a life that is not the one God intended for us.

3WV: What are 8 ways women can stay true to who they are?

Crystal: I believe women can stay true to who they are by:

    • Checking in with themselves first – by assessing how they feel and paying attention to what they want for their life, even before talking to their girlfriends or their mother.  When we check in with ourselves first, we get the purest guidance without anyone else’s opinions.
    • Being honest with themselves and others – If something isn’t working in your life, cut it out. The more you let go of things that weigh you down, you’ll be able to fly higher in life, evolve, and become your best.
    • Praying – for divine guidance to do and act on things that are meant for you.
    • Commit to a life of adventure – So many times we get stuck in a routine that makes us comfortable, when our inner authentic-self is calling out to us to try new things and entertain new people that will make us happier.
    • Meet our own needs first – We are able to have more fulfilling relationships with our children, our friends, and our partner when we are full of ourselves and have more to give.
    • Listen – Every woman should listen to that voice within telling them not to talk to that guy, or to go for that promotion, or to start that business. We all have a unique perfect internal navigation system guiding us to the perfect path for us. When we don’t follow that voice, we make mistakes.
    • Eat healthy – The food you put in your body is like the gas you put in your car. When you fill your body with healthy and more organic foods you run better, and can hear that internal navigational system of yours (or God’s voice) more clearly.
    • Never stop learning – Part of our reason for being here on this Earth is to grow, evolve, and change into our best selves. The more you learn while you’re here, through relationships or books, you will shed more false layers that’s not authentic to who you really are.

3WV: What would you say to women who suffer with feelings of low-confidence or lack of purpose, and therefore, shy away from being themselves? 

Crystal: I would say to always remember who you are. There is no one else like you. You were divinely created, and you have an important purpose on this Earth. The more you remember that and dive into deeply knowing and understanding that on all levels, the more you will believe in yourself and your gifts, and will not allow anyone to tell you differently.

3WV: What steps can you give to encourage women to live more empowered in life, relationships, and at work?

Crystal: Walking in your true power when you suffer with low self-esteem is a long road. It’s a journey, but here are some beginning simple steps you can take to begin that journey:

    • Spend time with yourself – Begin understanding more about yourself and who you are.
    • Ask yourself, ” How do I want to be loved” When it comes to relationships so many women don’t know how they want to be loved, and because of it, they end up in relationships where they are not satisfied. Not knowing how you want to be loved is like saying to the cook at a restaurant, “Surprise me.”  You can’t be mad when you get a meal you don’t like.
    • Ask yourself, “Who do I want to be in the world?” – When it comes to your career, pursue that purpose with your whole heart. You have to spend time with yourself.

3WV: Why is it important for women to love themselves?

Crystal: People will always treat you the way you treat yourself. When you love yourself, you are communicating to others non-verbally how you expect to be treated. And this doesn’t just apply to men; though men will treat you how you treat yourself, this applies to your family, your friends, and people you work with. How you treat yourself will manifest itself ‘out’ into your world, and your life will become a reflection of that self-love. Think about it, If you don’t even love you, how can you ask a complete stranger that knows nothing about you to love you?  You better love YOU!

3WV: Give us an example of a time when you suffered with low self-esteem, and lacked feeling empowered. How did you turn it around?

Crystal: When I was a little girl, I never thought I was pretty. I used to get teased a lot in school. People would call me big nose and big lips and it made me feel like something was wrong with me. No boy at school would talk to me because he didn’t want to be known as the guy that liked the big nose girl. I suffered with a lot of insecurity and low self-esteem because of this. I had to reprogram myself to believe I was pretty. I had to learn to accept my so-called flaws. What I found out was that there is no one way to be beautiful. Society would like to have us believe that you’re only pretty if you have lighter skin or long straight hair but that isn’t true. We are all beautiful in our own unique way. Once I understood that, I learned I’m not ugly. I’m just a really beautiful girl with a bigger than average nose. It’s ok, though. I love my nose. I’ve learned to love everything about myself. I’m me, and there is no one else like me. You’re you, and there is no one else like you.

3WV: Tell us about your company. 

Crystal: Authentic Life by Crystal is about empowering women to be their best selves. It is about inspiring them to express the truest form of who they are—without shame or guilt. I want women to know when they live a life true to who they are and own their power, and walk in that power, they have the ability to create a beautiful life that is authentic to who they are. When women have the courage to be true to who they are and be authentic, the Universe blesses them with fulfillment, joy, happiness, and integrity—and their path is supported.

3WV: What inspires you to empower and encourage women? 

Crystal: What inspires me to empower and encourage women is the fact that I feel like encouraging and inspiring women is a big part of my purpose. I do it naturally, when nobody’s looking. It brings me great joy inside to know my words and my story can help alleviate another woman’s pain or make her burden a little lighter. Also, when I see another woman going through hard times, I think of how I would have loved someone to care and encourage me when I went through my own hardships. When I help to heal others, I heal myself.

3WV: How do you want your legacy to be remembered? 

Crystal: I want to be remembered as a woman that always stayed true to who she is and followed her heart—no matter what. I want to leave a legacy as a teacher that motivated and inspired many to become better people to live truer lives.

3WV: Can you give some last words of advice to empower women?

Crystal: You are not here by accident or chance. You did not go through all you’ve gone through by misfortune or mistake. It was all setup so you could become the highest expression of who you really are. Love yourself, love others, find out how you are meant to serve the world, share your gift with us, and have a blast!

3WV: How can people reach you? 

Her Contact Information:

Youtube: Authentic Life by Crystal
Instagram: @authenticlifebycrystal
Twitter: @authenticlifebycrystal

*** Crystal has a new YouTube channel and would love if you could follow her:

Link for her YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/3la0geb

 Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes (Writer, Editor & Publisher)


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