One Nurse’s Story Working with Covid-19 Patients

The year 2020 is a year to remember due the invasion of the Covid-19 virus.

It has brought about many changes: It has made us prisoners of our homes. It taught us lessons about ourselves and life. It has given us new perspectives on how we see ourselves and our outlook on each other. It has tested our ability to be away from family and friends, while learning how to engage with our immediate families. It taught some how to work from home, and it created some joblessness and foodlessness. It has also shown us how fast our lives can become vulnerable, and how we are challenged when there is lack. For some, it has broken them down to the point of being stressed out and pushed to their limits.

In addition, there were a record number of hurricanes, police brutality, high incidents of racial divide, and yes, we gained a new president—and a history-making vice president. She is the first woman vice president, as well as, the first woman of color in such a high position.

But above all, Covid-19 has brought about devastation to the heart of America and the world. It has taken an enormous amount of lives and destroyed so many families. This virus does not discriminate and taught us just how precious life and time is. It taught us why we need to take precautions seriously by wearing a mask, washing our hands, and practicing social distancing. And now because of the second wave of the virus rising with a vengeance, it’s time for us to be serious about our lives, respectful to other people’s lives, and to heed the warnings of the doctors and professionals; if we don’t, people close to us or even—we ourselves, may not make it to next year.

The year 2021 is fast approaching, and if we are not careful, we could end up sick or dead. So, my friends, I’m pleading with you to wake up and follow the simple guidelines to protect yourself and others. IT’S NOT THAT HARD! 

With that said, I have invited nurse Anissa Bass, who works directly with Covid-19 patients to talk to you about her experiences working with Covid-19 patients, and how you can be safe.

Anissa Bass, LPNhas been a nurse for 23 years working in many different areas of health including geriatrics, pediatric homecare, long-term care, wound care, and mental health, just to name a few. After helping to care for a sick relative, Anissa grew to love helping him, which led her to getting licensed. She later developed a passion for nursing and hasn’t looked back—falling in love with the service of it all. She is passionate about giving of herself to help others. Anissa’s love for service extended to her 8 years serving in the army, where her mind and body was developed and disciplined.

This year, Anissa has found herself working with Covid-19 patients on the frontlines. Never did she imagine her army training would help to get her through such trying times as the pandemic, along with her faith in God. Anissa’s prayer is for everyone to stay safe.

Her Contact Information:

Facebook: Anissa Marie

Instagram: @Anissamarie03


 Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes (Writer, Editor & Publisher)


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    1. You are so welcome Anissa! It was a pleasure giving your the platform to share your story. I appreciate what you are doing to save lives. So thank you for all that you do!


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