Don’t Give Up or Let Fear Kill Your Dreams

When you were a child you probably had big dreams of doing something special. You were at the stage where your dreams were limitless and your imagination ran wild. It made your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster.

And then you grew up, got older, and reality crept in. Your once unlimited dreams became limited, which halted your road to your dreams. You shifted from what you wanted to do in life to what everybody else thought you should do.

What I know for sure is that you have to be careful whose voice you listen to. I remember when I was 20 or 21 years old and I wanted to open a full service beauty salon & spa. I truly loved doing hair and I envisioned having a multi-cultural shop, where I would have 4 different nationalities working in my shop, plus myself as the fifth person. It was going to be a full body shop from head to toe. That was a dream that came to me and I could really see the success of it.

After the dream, I started moving towards getting the shop. I was blessed to find a beauty salon that was going out of business, and I managed to purchase all the equipment in their shop at a very reasonable price. When that opportunity came about, I knew God was aligning my vibrational flow to be ready for the next move in His plan. Next, I searched for a shop and was able to find one in a prime area where all types of people would pass by. I could feel my vibrational frequency getting stronger from the excitement of seeing my dream coming to fruition. Divine intervention was definitely at work.

My next step was to lease the shop. I made arrangements to take the money for the deposit and first month’s rent the next day. BUT THEN I MADE A MISTAKE, I told my dad and he completely talked me out of it. He gave me every reason and excuse in the world of why I shouldn’t do it. And sadly, he killed my dream because I started to believe him. He told me: I was too young. I couldn’t afford it. What if it doesn’t work? Why don’t you go work somewhere else first? What if no one comes? And there were so many other things he poured into my head (I’m teary-eyed right now). Regrettably, I LISTENED.

Sadly, it took me 10 years to finally open a salon but my dream had died by then. I opened a basic beauty salon… nothing fancy. Although it was successful, it never amounted to my dream shop.

So, my message to you if you have a dream:

    • Protect it
    • Don’t share your dream with anyone who hasn’t tried to do anything themselves.
    • Don’t share it with people who could never understand your vision.
    • When people say “you can’t do it,” remove yourself from those negative voices and do it anyway (If it fails, your greatest lessons will be learned from the chances you took, rather than living with the regrets of not trying.)
    • Never stop believing your dream is possible
    • Never stop going after it because it’s never too late

After that ordeal with the beauty shop and not opening what I envisioned, I made a vow to never tell the wrong person my vision. Who can identify with your dream being killed by others?

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a woman, Anissa Marie, who has managed to stick with her dream of acting and modeling, while being a nurse, because she refused to not let her dreams die. She is going to share her story and explain to you why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams, and how to push through your fears to follow them.

As you listen to her, think about the dreams you had as a child. What were they?  Leave your answers in the comments below. ⇓⇓

Anissa Marie is a wife, mom, nurse, actress, model, creator, writer, and a producer. After trying acting and modeling out at a younger age, Anissa discovered her passion for it, which led to small acting and modeling jobs here and there. At forty, Anissa decided to pursue her dreams with intention, and not let her age or the opinions of others stop or deter her. She made the decision to jump and she hasn’t looked back.

Anissa has been apart of many projects to include: on stage, TV, web, film, music videos, and commercial modeling. She hasn’t let society’s limitations define her path or outcome. Anissa plans are to continue acting, writing books and scripts, and one day getting behind the camera to work as a director. Her message to you is, “Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!”


Her Contact Information:

Facebook: Anissa Marie

Instagram: @Anissamarie03


 Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes (Writer, Editor & Publisher)


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