How to Download Your Truth and Live from Within

It’s amazing how much knowing your truth and living from within are connected. Most of us go through our whole lives never truly understanding or experiencing the connection.

My question to you is are you aware of who you really are?

Have you dug deep enough from within to discover your truth?  

When I read the title of this book, it immediately made me think about when a computer downloads. You know how you surf the internet, find what you want, and then download it. That way, whenever you need to access it, you can find it.

Then, I thought about the subtitle of the book… 4 Steps to Live from Within. That made me think how powerful it would be to go deep enough within and use that power, strength, and wisdom as a foundation for your living. What I realize is that most of us live on the surface, meaning we live our lives and just react to the things that happen to us. But, what if you could use the wisdom gained from within to be proactive rather than reactive? 

What if you were able to tap into the core of your truth and purpose, how would your life be different? 

I have invited LaTrenda George who wrote the book, Download Your Truth: 4 Steps to Live from Within. In our interview, she discusses how to tap into yourself to find your truth and live from within.


LaTrenda George is an author, podcaster, and a transformational coach specializing in spiritual coaching and mentoring. She is also a certified mind, body, and soul practitioner and facilitator. LaTrenda brings eleven years of experience to the table, un-programming her clients from past challenges, and teaching them how to live from within. She inspires and empowers others to act on their deepest desires.

3WV: Who is LaTrenda George? Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what it was like for you growing up.

LaTrenda: I am a Queen Messenger of Love and Light. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. My father was an entrepreneur, and my mother was a social worker. There were 3 other siblings in the household with me and I was the middle child. I was an introvert and very intuitive. I always dreamed a lot, and received divine messages. I always knew as a child that I was powerful, but I downplayed it to not make others comfortable. I held back a lot to just fit in.

3WV: In your book you talk about living from within. What do you mean by that? Name some ways women can live from within?

LaTrenda: Living from within means living your truth and letting your authenticity shine. Women can live from within by:

    • Spending time with yourself
    • Taking time to truly get to know yourself
    • Listening to your body—it is your loyal partner
    • Learning and experiencing new things
    • Paying attention to how your body responds to different experiences

We have internal compasses that will lead to our greatest path, but we must take the time to partner with our inner knowing.

3WV: In your book, you also talk about downloading your truth. Can you explain what that means and how a person can do that?

LaTrenda: Downloading your truth is doing the work to heal from within. We all have inner wounds that need to be healed, no matter what, because we’ve all interacted with someone we have been hurt by. As you know, hurt people hurt people. With that said, these are some ways a person can download their truth:

    • Take inventory of your past experiences and outcomes
    • Figure out what in you allowed certain outcomes to manifest
    • Read books
    • Work with counselors, coaches, or church organizations that can give you tools to assist in your healing

Downloading your truth is basically a shift in a healed mindset. It is like taking an onion and peeling back the layers of conditioning until you get to the core. Core is the rare jewel of the truth of your soul.

3WV: Tell us about your business.

LaTrenda: You may think I am a Jamaican here but I am not, however, I do enjoy their cooking. I work as a spiritual teacher and coach. I provide contract services as a community liaison to two community organizations. I perform business consulting services. I owned a recruiting agency. No matter what hat I wear, I am a Queen Messenger of Light and Love. I help individuals to become unstuck and live a more aligned life to their heart’s desires.

3WV: In your business, you un-program people from their past challenges, what does that mean and how does it work? Give some examples of how woman can un-program themselves.

LaTrenda: To un-program is to help them determine what is the truth, fear, or pure outdated conditioning. I listen to their concerns and we peel them back to the core, and create positive action plans and thought patterns that lead to a more fulfilling life. Women can get un-programmed by exposing themselves to different mindsets, reading new material and trying new experiences. Most important, take the time to know yourself.

3WV: For someone reading this right now, if they feel lost or stagnated, what would you say to help them through it?

LaTrenda: I would say—get still, close your eyes, breathe, write down your concerns, then write what you would like to happen. There is so much power in silencing the noise, listening to your breath, and scripting your desired outcomes.

3WV: Who and what inspires you to live your best life? What are some ways women can inspire themselves?

LaTrenda: God inspires me to live my best life and to never give up. I believe in his promises. Women can inspire themselves by having a personal relationship with a Higher Source. In addition, it is especially important for women to have an honest, positive relationship with themselves. Also, surround yourself with a supportive network.

3WV: Tell us about your podcast, the Awakened Legend.

LaTrenda: The Awakened Legend podcast offers a place to hear inspirational messages of hope and courage. The podcast features those who have awakened the legend that lies within themselves. I interview entrepreneurs who did the work and found their truth.

3WV: Being a woman who empowers other woman, what have you learned about yourself in the process?

LaTrenda: I love this question, thank you for asking. I learned that we are all connected in a powerful way. I learned as I honor other paths, I honor my own path. I embrace my power to create my desired life and to be vulnerable to grow and change.

3WV: Can you give some last words of empowerment to help women in their lives?

LaTrenda: Embrace all your femininity and masculinity in harmonious union to one’s self. Use your femininity to be a creator, nurturer, and lover of life. Use your masculinity to get things done according to your desired outcomes. Remember, most often times, things will work out for you.

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 Article Written & Interview by: Debbie Stokes (Writer, Editor & Publisher)


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